Homemade Cooking Class

Get cozy with your loved one in your home kitchen for a homemade cooking class. Learn a new dish together, and enjoy a romantic dinner, cooked by yourselves. This fun and romantic activity is great for couples who enjoy gastronomy and being creative. Memories are created not only through the eating of the dish, but also through the process of its creation. Not only is this date idea enjoyable, but it's also a practical way to learn new cooking skills.

Culinary Journey in Nuremberg

Explore the food scene of Nuremberg through a culinary walking tour. You'll sample the city's foods, from Nuremberg sausages to Franconian wine. No better way to get to know the city than its food!

Art and History Awakening

This date is a cerebral adventure that explores the rich history and culture of Nuremberg, with visits to museums and monuments. It's a day full of creativity, intellectual stimulation, and mutual discovery.

Secret City Scavenger Hunt

Plan a secret scavenger hunt across Nuremberg, taking in the city's stunning architecture and rich history. Follow a trail of clues and riddles that lead you to romantic spots hidden amongst the city's landmarks. The hunt will end in a cozy café or restaurant where you can relax and share your experiences.

Romantic History Exploration in Nuremberg

Nuremberg, with its rich history, provides a perfect backdrop for a romantic date. Start your day at the Nuremberg Castle, unwind at the beautiful city parks, traverse down memory lane at the historic Old Town, end the day with a romantic dinner and explore the nightlife together.

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