Sunset Picnic at Batumi Boulevard Park

Enjoy a lovely sunset picnic at Batumi Boulevard Park. With a spread of delicious food, your favorite drinks, and the stunning hues splashed across the sky as the sun sets, this date is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

Surprise Ferris Wheel and Wine Tasting

Get ready to surprise your partner with two delightful activities they won't see coming! First, head towards the Batumi ferris wheel for an unforgettable ride with stunning views. Once the sun sets, make your way to a local wine cellar for a delicious wine tasting tour.

Rooftop Dinner with Panoramic Views

Indulge in a romantic dinner with your partner while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of Batumi. This date idea is perfect for a special occasion or a romantic date night. You and your partner will have a memorable dining experience as you take in the stunning cityscape and the glittering lights of Batumi.

Batumi Alphabet Tower Surprise Dinner

This date idea is designed to create a surprise moment of romance for the one you love. The Alphabet Tower in Batumi is the breathtaking location for this romantic surprise, offering panoramic views of the city and Black Sea. Start with an intriguing mystery ride, culminating at the spectacular revolving restaurant at the top of the Alphabet Tower where you will be indulged with mouthwatering Georgian culinary delights.

Romantic Birthday Dinner at Batumi Botanical Garden

Experience an unforgettable cuisine amidst natural beauty in Batumi. A romantic birthday dinner in the heart of Batumi Botanical Garden is the perfect way to show your love and make your partner feel special on his birthday. Enjoy the elegant dinner set up with mild lighting that accentuates the setting sun, a charming concoction of good food, romance, and nature's beauty.

Healing Heart Al Fresco Beach Night

An enriching, calming experience set amidst Batumi's stunning beach landscape. A specially arranged night under the stars to help a psychologically traumatized partner to find peace and serenity while strengthening your bond.

Sunset Beach Romantic Date

Escape to the beautiful beach of Batumi for a romantic date with your loved one. Take in the stunning views of the Black Sea, feel the warm sand beneath your feet, and enjoy a magical sunset together. This date idea is perfect for couples looking to relax, connect, and create beautiful memories in a picturesque setting.

Cafe Hop in Batumi Evening

Experience the subtle charm of Batumi's coffee culture by turning a relaxing evening into a cozy cafe date. Engage in deep conversations, share a delightful dessert or just enjoy the ambiance as you hop from one cafe to another.

Batumi Botanical Gardens and Wine Tasting Evening

A delightful evening in Batumi with your loved one, starting by visiting the Botanical Gardens before the sunset. Explore an array of flora and fauna from all over the world, then, enjoy a wine tasting experience at a local vineyard. Finish the night with a dinner at the traditional Georgian restaurant.

Taste of Batumi

Indulge in the flavors of Batumi, Georgia, with a romantic date that will tantalize your taste buds and create lasting memories. Discover the vibrant local cuisine and immerse yourselves in the rich culinary traditions of this charming city. Whether you're food enthusiasts or just looking for a special dining experience, this date idea is sure to set the stage for a delightful evening together.

Batumi Beach Photo Adventure

This date idea is an adventure-packed walk in Batumi which ends with a relaxing time on the beach. Batumi is known for its coastal charm, making it the perfect location for beautiful and memorable photos. You and your partner will have the chance to explore the city, enjoy the beach and capture every memorable moment.

Surprise First Date in Batumi

Explore Batumi on your first date. This idea not only utilizes the charming settings of Batumi's well-loved spots but is tailored for a surprise and low-budget experience. You can enjoy this date at any time making it the perfect choice for couples who love spontaneity.

Batumi Beach and Botanical Garden Exploration

Start your remarkable journey by exploring the calm and serene Batumi Beach followed by an awe-inspiring visit to the Botanical Garden. Get mesmerized by the beauty of the Black Sea, share heartfelt conversations, and indulge in the lush green surroundings of the garden. A perfect way to create cherished memories!

Romantic Walk and Talk in Batumi

Strolling in the beautiful city of Batumi with your loved one, holding hands, talking about your dreams and everyday life, sharing intimate moments as you kiss and hug, all surrounded by the stunning views of the Black Sea and mesmerizing architecture. This date allows a couple to reconnect on a deeper level, understand each other better, and enjoy a splendid time without any outside intrusions or distractions.

Batumi Botanical Marvel

Feel the romance blossom with every step in the Batumi Botanical Garden, followed by a tranquil beach picnic as you watch the sun set over the stunning Black Sea coast.

Batumi Seaview Romance

Experience a romantic, adventurous date afternoon with your partner in the beautiful coastal city of Batumi. It includes a boat ride, lunch by the seaside, and a thrilling cable car ride to enjoy the panoramic scene of the city.

Evening Romantic Dinner in Batumi

Batumi, the charming city on the Black Sea coast, is well known for its blend of modernity and ancient romance. Dive into the heart of this city with your partner for a harmonious and intimate evening dinner. Fill the night with laughter, delicious food, and beautiful memories, while surrounded by the natural beauty and the stunning views of Batumi.

Skydiving in Batumi

Surprise your partner with an unexpected adventure of skydiving in the beautiful city of Batumi. This thrilling experience will not only create unforgettable memories but also strengthen your bond as you overcome fears together.

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