Hot Air Balloon Ride over Paris

This adventurous date idea takes you and your partner into the skies of Paris via a hot air balloon. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, Seine River, and the beautiful architecture of the City of Light.

Parisian Canopy Climb

Experience a unique adventurous date high up in the treetops of Paris. This outdoor course has a combination of rope bridges, ladders, and swings that you and your partner can navigate together, for an unforgettable experience which surely satisfies your adventurous spirits.

The Adventurous Parisian Day

Experience the best of Paris with your partner in a thrilling day filled with adrenaline-pumping activities, stunning vistas, and romantic moments. No other city does romance better than Paris!

Sporty Indoor Free Climbing in Paris

Challenge each other in a fun and competitive environment filled with adrenaline and thrill. Indoor free climbing in Paris is a great way to strengthen your connection and communication - the ideal sporty date for fitness enthusiasts.

Parisian Art Lounge Experience

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity by visiting one of the many art lounges in Paris. A tranquil, low-cost yet delightful experience that sparks intrigue and intense conversations, perfectly suited for couples like you who love a Chill-category date with an artistic twist.

Parisian Sports and Movie Magic Extravaganza

This unique date idea is tailored for a sport-loving gentleman who also enjoys watching movies. The date occurs in two parts, a fun sporting challenge at a bowling alley followed by a relaxing and intimate movie night where you get to watch his favorite movies while savoring a homemade French dessert.

Sweet and Sporty Surprise

This date offers the perfect mix of intellectual and physical pursuits, set in the beautiful city of Paris. You and your partner will engage in an exciting game, followed by a heartwarming surprise and a relaxing sunset view.

Parisian History, Curiosities and Cuisine Walk

Take your partner on a free, intellectually stimulating date in Paris, steeped in history, literature and international cuisine. Explore famous spots known for their rich past and significance in the literary world, followed by a taste of exquisite Parisian street food.

Mysterious River Walk and Bar Hop

Meet your Tinder date for an exciting surprise day out. Begin with a calm stroll by the Seine River, where hand-in-hand you can enjoy the serenity and the beautiful Parisian cityscape. Next, embark on a small bar hopping tour, where each location exudes a unique ambiance and charm. Expect to be captivated by the entrancing streets of Paris and the company of your new date.

Parisian Scooter Tour and Picnic

Explore Paris in a fun and adventurous way by scootering around the city. You will discover amazing landmarks and beautiful views. Finish your adventurous day with a homemade picnic in the park.

Picturesque Indoor Picnic at Musée d'Orsay

Experience love in Paris in an unusual way. Turn the classic picnic idea into a creative indoor date at Musée d'Orsay. Beckon your Picasso spirit whilst munching on homemade treats with your loved one in one of the most picturesque settings in city. This date is all about romance, creativity and thoughtfulness.

Unforeseen Morning Helicopter Tour Over Paris

Indulge in the luxurious and unforgettable experience of exploring the City of Love from the sky. This surprise date offers the thrill of a morning helicopter tour over Paris, taking off just after sunrise to catch the golden rays illuminating the city. The high budget experience is quick but incredibly memorable, perfect for couples looking to add a bit of adventure and romance to their lives.

Stroll and Picnic in Bois de Boulogne

Relish in the autumn glow of September and unwind with your partner during an off-beat afternoon date in Paris' Bois de Boulogne. It's an experience that perfectly balances tranquility with an engaging closeness to nature. Let the poetic surroundings inspire your moments as you avoid the typical touristic hustle.

Parisian Adventure and Birthday Surprise

This date idea merges adventure, exploration and a romantic birthday celebration into a memorable experience in Paris. The date will take you through charming districts, beautiful parks, and iconic Parisian landmarks and markets and concludes with a surprise birthday dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking Paris.

Evening Stroll and Picnic on the Seine

Indulge in a romantic date night in Paris with an evening stroll and a picnic by the scenic Seine River. Discover the City of Love's charm as the sunsets casting a magical glow over landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

Cultural Paris: Museum Visit and Dinner

Unleash your love for culture and food in the mesmerizing city of Paris. Start your magical evening with a trip to the enchanting world of artwork by visiting a museum. Follow it with a romantic dinner at a bistro, savoring authentic French delicacies.

Mystical Parisian Adventure

Get ready for an enchanting romantic date in Paris where you will be exploring the magic of Disneyland or the classic beauty of Paris city center. The choice is yours! This date will provide a balance of thrill, excitement, and romance, offering countless memories.

High Society Evening in Paris

Adorn yourself in your finest attire and prepare for a night of elegance with your loved one. Join the crème de la crème of Paris' society in an upscale party, dazzle the dance floor with your moves, indulge in gourmet fare, and end the night in luxury at a high-end hotel.

Elegant Evening in Paris

Step into an evening of refined romance and experience the Parisian high society lifestyle. Enjoy a four-course, gourmet French dinner, before making your way to one of the most exclusive clubs in the city for a night of dancing and champagne. As a final touch, finish off your night with breathtaking views of Paris from one of the city's highest points.

Parisian Breakfast and Cultural Exploration

Start your day the Parisian way with a delicious breakfast at a local café, followed by a stroll through the historic cultural landmarks of Paris. This date will satisfy your foodie side as well the inner culture vulture in you

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