Chilly Evening with Finnish Sauna

Immerse yourself in a relaxing Sauna experience which is considered a part of Finnish folklore. Followed by the Sauna, enjoy a cozy sit down with your partner while admiring the beautiful surroundings of Turku, Finland.

Archipelago Adventure

A unique and thrilling date filled with island hopping, exploring historic sites, and treating yourselves to sumptuous local cuisine. Get ready for a rendezvous packed with adventurous and romantic moments.

Enchanted Lakeside Picnic Under The Northern Lights

Make the most of a September night in Turku, Finland, with a surprise adventure that brings together an unspoiled natural setting, a cozy lakeside picnic, and the magic of the Northern Lights. Prepare for an evening of romance as you dine alfresco, gaze at the stars, and take in the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis.

Mystical Island Surprise

Experience the magic of surprise and the natural beauty of Finland in this one of a kind date meant to create lasting memories. You begin this adventure with a boat ride to the idyllic island of Vepsa, where a picnic has been prepared just for you. The rest of the day has surprises in store that will surely touch your heart.

A Serene Encounter with Finnish Sauna and Northern Lights

Enjoy the essence of Finland's traditional lifestyle with an afternoon spent relaxing in a Finnish sauna, with an atmospheric evening spent watching the Northern Lights, weather permitting. The unique Finnish sauna experience is sure to open up your senses, and the ethereal Northern Lights will leave your hearts spellbound.

Northern Lights Romantic Getaway

Enjoy a night filled with magic and wonder as you and your partner get cozy under the captivating Northern Lights. This extraordinary date is perfect for the adventurous and romantic souls daring to witness one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world.

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