Foraging and Cooking Experience Date

Explore the lush wilderness around Helsinki while foraging for indigenous edibles to prepare a delightful meal. This hearty adventure, led by a local wilderness guide, will give you and your partner a chance to appreciate nature's wonders while deepening your connection.

Helsinki Culinary Journey and Sauna Experience

Enjoy an exhilarating day filled with Finnish cooking, a museum visit, and a traditional sauna experience. Start with a mouthwatering cooking class where you and your partner can explore Finland's unique orthology. Afterwards, visit a local museum to be inspired by the rich history and arts that Helsinki offers. Wind down your active day with a traditional Finnish sauna experience, giving you a perfect mix of fun, education, and relaxation.

Art Gallery Date

Immerse yourselves in the world of art and creativity with a romantic date at an art gallery in Helsinki. Explore exquisite artworks and discover new masterpieces together. This date idea is perfect for your designer partner with a picky taste, as they will appreciate the beauty and detail that goes into each artwork. Whether your partner is an art enthusiast or simply enjoys discovering new things, this date will provide a unique and memorable experience.

Mysterious Art Exploration Date

Turn your date into a cultural journey that is both enriching and entertaining. Step into the world of Finnish art at a local museum and lose yourselves amid the captivating and thought-provoking exhibits.

Literature and Leisure in Lammassaari

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Helsinki's nature while satisfying your cravings for a good story and delicious food. This relaxing outdoor date combines the simple pleasures of reading your favorite books with a bit of an outdoor adventure followed by a heartwarming picnic.

Historical Dinner Tour

This date takes you on a historical tour through Helsinki with stops at various historically significant dining spots. Taste a blend of Finnish delights while delving into the nation's captivating past.

Gluten-free Gastronomy Tour Around Helsinki

Experience Helsinki's vibrant food scene with a unique twist tailored to couples with gluten restrictions. The Gluten-free Gastronomy Tour might just be the perfect date for food loving couples who want to explore unique, tasty, and gluten-free dishes spread across the city. Enjoy this romantic gastronomic journey among Helsinki's beautiful scenic spots and traditional markets.

Kayaking Adventure in Helsinki

A unique date idea for adventurous couples, a kayaking adventure in Helsinki is bound to create unforgettable memories. You'll paddle through the calm, crystal clear Finnish waters, exploring the stunning islands and lakes that surround the city. This date is a fantastic opportunity to witness the beauty of Finnish nature up-close and personal.

Romantic Evening of Dinner and Live Music in Helsinki

Step up your date game with a romantic dinner paired with live music in Helsinki. An evening filled with delicious food, soulful tunes, and intimate conversations awaits you. This date idea perfectly blends cultural immersion and romantic intimacy, perfect for couples who savor moments and appreciate shared experiences.

Scenic Picnic at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

A surprise picnic at the UNESCO World Heritage site, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, surrounded by serene views of the sea and an air of history offers the perfect setting for a romantic and budget-friendly date. Share a cozy blanket, unpack a basket filled with your favorite treats, and enjoy each other’s company against the stunning backdrop of this 18th-century sea fortress.

Hidden Art Cafe Surprise

Surprise your partner with an off-the-beaten-track adventure to a charming and artistic cafe in Helsinki. Here, you discover not just delicious coffee, but also local art displayed across the walls. If you are lucky, you can join a random art class or enjoy a pop-up performance by local artists.

Surprise Northern Lights Hunting Date

Enjoy the winter wonderland of Helsinki as you embark on a surprise date to hunt for the stunning Northern Lights. Witness the beauty of dancing lights in the sky while sharing cosy moments with your loved one.

Finnish Sauna Experience

Immerse yourself in Finnish culture while enjoying a relaxing evening with your partner. A traditional Finnish Sauna experience is the perfect chance to unwind and connect on a deeper level. Start the evening with an intimate dinner at a local restaurant, then enjoy the warmth of a traditional Finnish Sauna. End the night with a glass of wine while gazing at the starlit sky.

Surprise Photo Challenge Tour

Embrace your adventurous spirit and love of spontaneous fun with the Surprise Photo Challenge Tour. Traverse the stunning city of Helsinki, each landmark offering a new photographic challenge, bringing a fun twist to your shared memory-making experience. Illuminate your relationship with the energy of discovery and adventure and create lifelong memories and pictures to relive them.

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