Mystery Tivoli Gardens Tour

Unveil the surprises of the historic Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in this romantic date. Spend your day discovering hidden treasures and stories of this iconic amusement park. Immerse yourselves in the thrilling rides, mesmerizing pavilions, gourmet dining, and mesmerizing fairy lights.

Surprise Scavenger Hunt Around the City

Give your love life a spark of adventurous spirit with a surprise scavenger hunt in Copenhagen. Experience the charm of the city, discover hidden gems, and create unforgettable memories with your girlfriend.

Thrilling City Treasure Hunt Date

Get ready for an afternoon filled with adventure and excitement as you embark on a city treasure hunt. Discover hidden gems, solve riddles, and explore historic landmarks as you navigate through the charming cities of Denmark. Bring your A-game and immerse yourself in this truly unique and unforgettable date experience!

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