Jazz Night in Prague

Get ready to step into an evening filled with soulful melodies, harmonious rhythms, and the intimate ambiance of a classic jazz venue. This jazz night date isn't just about the music. It's about creating special memories with your partner while appreciating the beat of the city's music scene. Throughout the show, you'll get a chance to immerse yourself in the heart of Czech jazz while also exploring a unique facet of cultural life in Prague.

Surprise Bookstore Hop

This romantic date is a surprise bookstore hop through the charming city of Prague. Enjoy the magical warmth of a bookstore and get lost in the stories and tales as you explore different stores together. This special date aims to dive into the shared love of literature, discover new authors, and maybe even find a hidden treasure or two in the depths of the city's most enchanting bookstores.

Free Scavenger Hunt in Prague

A thrilling scavenger hunt through the beautiful city of Prague. This date involves visiting popular tourist attractions and lesser-known historical sites in the city, solving clues to find the next location. No monetary spending involved.

Cozy Afternoon in a Library

Dive deeper into the pages of your favorite books together on a peaceful afternoon in a local library. Find stories that spark both of your interests and share them with each other. With the chill and tranquil atmosphere of the library, it's a unique way to unwind together.

Cozy Bookstore Date

Immerse yourself in a calming bookstore atmosphere filled with the scent of aged paper and fresh ink from newly printed texts. Explore the diverse literature sections hand-in-hand with your partner, discover an intriguing book, and enjoy quiet moments of shared reading. This simple yet intimate date is perfect for bookworms and lovers looking for a serene escape from the city hustle.

Prague Boat Cruise & Dine

Glide along the Vltava River on a boat cruise whilst savoring traditional Czech cuisine for a date night in Prague. The panoramic views provide the perfect backdrop as you dine under the starlight. Watch the city lights flicker and the stars twinkle overhead as you strengthen your bond over shared memories.

Surprise Hot Air Balloon Ride over Prague

Seeing the historic city of Prague from a hot air balloon is an excellent way to make your date unforgettable. The surprise element of the date, combined with the jaw-dropping view, creates an enchanting experience that you and your partner will cherish forever.

Romantic Jazz Night

Listening to live jazz music in an old, charming, dimly-lit jazz bar in Prague is a unique way of connecting and bonding. This will create a perfect romantic mood for you both. Relish this experience in a quaint, intimate setting, while enjoying a lovely meal and perhaps a glass of sweet Czech wine.

Historical Scavenger Hunt and Boat Ride Surprise

This surprise date will satisfy your thirst for discovery as you embark on a historical scavenger hunt through some of Prague's most renowned museums. Indulge in the romantic atmosphere of this ancient city, concluding your adventure with a scenic boat ride along the Vltava river.

Surprise Public Sculpture Hunt

Take your partner out on an exciting surprise date hunting for Prague's most famous and hidden public sculptures. This is perfect for the fine art lovers and those passionate about exploring cities.

Museum Hopping in Prague

Spend the day exploring the captivating museums in Prague. This idea is perfect for the curious and cultured couple who'd love a deep dive into the city's history, arts, and sciences, all on a budget. Tag along on a journey through time and be awe-inspired by the chronicles of Prague and beyond.

Romantic Spa Day And Sunset River Cruise

Your day starts with a soothing visit to a luxury spa, enjoy various treatments and relaxation techniques, then in the evening, embark on a romantic sunset river cruise along the beautiful Vltava River, immersing yourselves in the stunning scenery of Prague.

Exclusive Underground Prague Tour

Embark on an extraordinary journey below the streets of Prague. You'll explore the city's lesser-known side, visiting intriguing underground sites, from historical cellars to mysterious tunnels. This date is most suited to adventurous couples keen on history and mystery.

Mystery Picnic at Letná Park

A surprise mystery picnic in Letná Park provides an opportunity to enjoy a casual, outdoor date and marvel at the stunning views of the Old Town, Vltava River and Prague Castle. The date involves deciphering each other's tastes and preferences to assemble the perfect picnic hamper

Candlelit Dinner Cruise on the Vltava River

Treat your partner to a truly unforgettable evening with a candlelit dinner cruise on the Vltava River. Board a luxurious boat and embark on a romantic journey through the heart of Prague. As you glide along the serene waters, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the city's landmarks illuminated by the soft glow of twilight. The intimate atmosphere, accompanied by live music, sets the perfect ambiance for a romantic date night.

Vintage Lounge Evening

Have a relaxed date night in a vintage-style smoking lounge, where you can enjoy local drinks and live jazz music. The atmosphere, coupled with the high ceilings and antique decor will transport you back in time. If both you and your partner are into smoking, this would be the perfect way to spend an evening in Prague, one of Europe's most glorious cities.

Prague Indoor Crystal Maze Adventure

This date is all about teamwork and fun, as you make your way through a Crystal Maze-style puzzle labyrinth. The fast-paced game is perfect for couples who love challenges and enjoy spending time indoors. It's a perfect date idea for a cool September evening.

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