A Romantic Evening Stroll along Charles Bridge

Nothing beats the romantic environment of Prague's historic city center. Spend your evening strolling hand in hand across the iconic Charles Bridge. Enjoy the sunset and the city lights reflecting on the glistening waters of the Vltava River.

Luxurious Jazz Night in Prague

Let your love delight over vibrant melodies and indulgent dishes by having an extravagant jazz night in Prague. Discover the city's rich musical heritage while dining in its top-tier restaurants. Hailed as one of the top jazz cities in Europe, Prague offers picturesque scenes and soulful sounds for an unforgettable date night.

Bohemian Relaxation in Prague

Escape the bustling city life and unwind with your beau in the beautiful city of Prague. Visit some of the city's renowned relaxation spots, relish traditional meals and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

The Relaxing Adventure in Prague

This romantic date idea combines the excitement of exploring the beautiful city of Prague with necessary relaxation. The day includes a visit to a luxurious spa, a peaceful boat ride on the Vltava River, and a scenic picnic by the water. The date is meant to provide a balance of adventure and rejuvenation, all while soaking up the culture and beauty of Prague.

Twilight Cruise and Classical Concert

This adventurous yet romantic date idea takes you on a spectacular journey through the heart of Prague. Cruise down the Vltava River while the city lights up in the evening and then lose yourself in the enchanting tunes of a classical concert.

Prague's Hidden Gems Exploration

Stride hand-in-hand down the cobblestone streets of Prague, discovering its lesser-known treasures beyond the typical tourist sites. This adventure invites you to engage in the city's history, beauty and local charm.

Twilight River Cruise with a Surprise Picnic

Discover the charming city of Prague from a different perspective. Revel in the city's twinkling skyline as the evening falls while you enjoy a captivating river cruise. Highlight the experience with a pleasant surprise picnic, prepared in advance, by the serene riverbank.

Romantic Bohemian Cuisine and Wine Tasting Evening in Prague

Get ready to relish delightful Bohemian dishes at a romantic restaurant and enjoy a night of wine tasting together in the heart of Prague. This unique date idea is perfect for culinary adventure seekers, wine lovers and those who wish to experience the warm, intimate aura that Prague has to offer during the evening.

Scavenger Hunt Prague

Get ready for an adventurous and fun-filled date as you navigate the mesmerizing cityscape of Prague. Solve clues, find hidden gems, and discover Prague's history and rich culture together on a self-guided scavenger hunt. It's a unique, low-cost, and romantic way to explore the city and enjoy quality time together.

Golden hour stroll and surprise dinner

Commence the evening exploring the beautiful streets of Prague during the golden hour. Marvel at the stunning views of the city with your significant other. For the second part of the date, a reservation at an exquisite traditional Czech restaurant is done without your significant other knowing. A true casual elegant dining experience.

Indoor Video Game Marathon

Experience an inexpensive yet engaging and unforgettable evening with your better half. In this relaxed setting, play your favorite video games and feel the adrenaline rush as you compete or collaborate. This date will be filled with fun, laughter, and just the right amount of competitiveness - all in the comfort of your home.

Prague Foodie's Twilight Escape

Spend this date night indulging in a unique adventure of flavors and locales. Visit unconventional eateries, stroll along Prague's old streets, and relish the finest gastronomy experiences that the city has to offer. Delve into the heart of Prague's food scene, breaking bread at hidden gems of restaurants, sipping wine under the stars, and tasting handmade desserts accompanied by the city’s quaint ambiance.

Surprise Treasure Hunt in Prague

Plan an exciting surprise date for your love by setting up a personalized treasure hunt in the city of Prague. The hunt will take you to various significant sites that the city offers. It does not require a high budget, and it can be done at any time of the day, allowing for a quick but memorable date experience.

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