Adventure Treasure Hunt in Limassol

This date idea is an adventurous treasure hunt around the city of Limassol, Cyprus. The hunt will involve solving clues to find hidden gems across the city. Don't worry, you won't be doing this alone - a professional, fun and entertaining guide will be there to assist you on this unique treasure hunting journey.

Sunset Boat Tour for Two

Sail off the coast of Limassol in a private yacht and watch the sun as it sets over the vast expanse of the sea. Enjoy a warm, tropical evening, indulging in pure bliss with your partner.

Romantic Seaside Walk in Limassol

Take your partner's hand and spend a warm evening walking along the seafront promenade in Limassol, Cyprus. Witness the soothing sunset and feel the cool breeze from the Mediterranean Sea as you explore the vibrant city night life.

Sunset Beach Surprise Picnic

Immerse in the beach vibe of Limassol with a surprise picnic. The combination of chilling sea breezes, beautiful views and the rhythmic sound of the waves set a perfect romantic setting. Pack something light and refreshing for food and bring a game or topic cards to stimulate meaningful conversations.

Sunset Wine Tasting at Limassol Marina

This romantic date idea offers couples the perfect blend of Cyprus' exquisite culinary tradition, intimate setting, and breathtaking views. Experience the sunset's warm hues reflecting off the gentle waves as you enjoy a meticulously curated wine tasting experience.

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