Romantic Greek Cooking Class

Spend quality time learning the art of Greek cuisine in a cooking class. This will be a fun, interactive experience that will allow you to bond over the preparation of a delicious meal. Nothing can be more romantic than preparing a meal together in an authentic Greek kitchen.

Cyprus Wine Tasting and Star Gazing

Experience the elegance of Cyprus under the beautiful night sky while you taste some of the most authentic wines the country has to offer. This perfect blend combines romance, adventure and a unique gastronomic experience.

Sunset Surprise Yacht Date

Plan a surprise date for your loved one by booking a private yacht tour of the Mediterranean. Sailing off the coast of Larnaca, Cyprus, you'll enjoy the stunning sunset views, clear blue waters, and coastal scenery. This luxurious experience, complete with a romantic dinner on board, is sure to leave your partner in awe and love.

Romantic Seaside Dinner in Larnaca

Set off on a romantic evening with your partner in the beautiful town of Larnaca, Cyprus. Indulge in a divine meal right beside the sea, and let the calm sea breeze and rustling palm trees set the mood for your evening. Witness the picturesque sunset over the Mediterranean sea, as the day gently eases into night.

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