A Stroll & Picnic in Stanley Park

Experience the bliss of your first date in the tranquility of nature. Roam around the stunning Stanley Park, explore its picturesque views, and bask in the escapade of delight around the Lost Lagoon. Finish your date with a charming picnic, feasting on artisan sandwiches amidst the calming aura of the park, with the backdrop of Vancouver's beautiful skyline. This first date idea gives you a chance to interact intimately and share personal stories, fostering a close connection between you two.

Vancouver Cycling and Food Tour

An adventurous date idea for couples who love nature and food. Explore Vancouver's stunning landscapes by cycling around, complemented by tasting delicious local cuisine. It's about combining the joy of being outdoors, getting some exercise and enjoying your day with great food.

Rainforest Walk & Beach Picnic

Experience the serene beauty of Vancouver's rainforests and beautiful beaches on this outdoor date. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind while getting to know each other in an awe-inspiring setting.

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