São Paulo Street Food Exploration

Experience the rich flavors of São Paulo's street food scene with this budget-friendly date idea. As home to a diverse culinary scene, the city has numerous local markets offering an array of delicious foods. Enjoy this gastronomic adventure with your partner, tasting various local treats and immersing yourself in Brazilian culture.

Foodie Tour on a Budget in São Paulo

Embark on a gastronomic adventure in the vibrant city of São Paulo. This foodie date idea allows you to explore local food markets, try a variety of street food, and delve into the heart of Brazilian cuisine - all without breaking the bank!

São Paulo Street Food Tour

Discover São Paulo's rich food culture in this exciting street food tour. Visit food markets, bakeries, and street food stalls. It's a perfect foodie adventure for those who love trying out new cuisines.

São Paulo Sunset Picnic

This romantic date idea begins with a laid-back afternoon picnic at São Paulo's beloved Ibirapuera Park. Within the city's concrete jungle, you'll find this piece of paradise where you can lay down your picnic mat, feast on Brazilian treats, and bask in the park's natural beauty. As the sun begins to set, you'll watch the skies blend into a colour palette that's as intoxicating as the cachaça you'll share - a moment that's perfect for some deep, meaningful conversation.

Unexpected Samba Night

Samba isn't just a dance, it's a carnival of emotions filling the room. Favoured by locals, foreign tourists, and even professional dancers, it's an utterly immersive experience of Brazil's famed musical heritage. This date is perfect for bringing romance and excitement together in an energetic and rhythmic environment, setting the tone for a memorable night out in São Paulo.

Sao Paulo Romance Journey

Spend an entire day delighting in a comprehensive experience of São Paulo's culture, scenery, and gastronomy. From city sights to secluded parks, and traditional cuisine, everything is curated to make you and your wife rest, relax and reconnect.

Knowledge-Thirsty Lovebird Picnic

Spark thoughtful conversation, enjoy local flavors and take in the serene beauty of São Paulo’s parks with an intellectually challenging yet delightfully fun picnic experience. Dive into exciting topics of discussion and have fun exploring your partner’s mind while enjoying a special homemade feast amidst nature.

Romantic Picnic at Ibirapuera Park

Indulge in a romantic picnic date surrounded by lush greenery and a serene ambience of Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, Brazil. Bond with your love over delightful homemade sandwiches, fruits, and a bottle of Brazillian wine.

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