Jazz By The Scenic View

Discover the best scenic spots in Vitebsk and share a special moment with your loved one by enjoying jazz music in the September air. It’s a perfect date idea at any time of the day.

Stargazing in Vitebsk

Explore the beauty of the night sky with your partner in the city of Vitebsk. Discover new constellations, make a wish on shooting stars, and indulge in deep conversations under the open sky.

Artistic Adventure in Vitebsk

Unleash your inner artist in the city of Marc Chagall. Start your date early in the evening by joining an art class intended for couples. Discover your artistic side by drawing or painting together. Then, stroll along the beautiful Suvorovs street, a place known for its romantic ambiance. Finish off your romantic date by watching the sunset over the Dvina River and having dinner at a cosy, affordable restaurant.

Vitebsk Night Adventure

This romantic date idea in Vitebsk caters to couples who find beauty in the city lights and the night sky. Enjoy the stunning cityscape as you explore the city's architectural wonders, share a romantic picnic under a constellation-filled sky, and listen to the rhythmic blend of city sounds and live music performances.

Romantic Riverside Picnic under the Stars

Rediscover the beauty of simple pleasures with your significant other by going on a riverside picnic under the captivating night sky. The scenic beauty of Vitebsk, combined with the tranquility of the evening, creates the perfect background for a romantic liaison.

Whimsical Walk and Aesthetic Art Experience in Vitebsk

This date idea involves a charming walk through the timeless streets of Vitebsk, heading towards the reputed Marc Chagall Art Centre. Experience the city's heritage, enjoy the city lights at dusk, and immerse yourselves in an aesthetic art tour at the end of your journey.

Twilight Leisure Walk

For a budget-friendly romantic date idea, take a leisurely stroll through the city of Vitebsk along the Dvina River at twilight. You will experience the charming cityscape and its landmarks at the perfect time of day when the sky paints an enchanting picture, adding to the romantic vibe. You conclude the evening by sharing a local meal and drinks at a nearby charming cafe.

Belarusian Adventure with Stunning Views

Experience an exciting day of hiking and exploration, showcasing some of the best views in Vitebsk, Belarus. You and your partner can experience the beauty of nature free of charge, and at the end of your journey, you will be rewarded with an incredible panoramic view. This date is an adventure of any duration you prefer and is a way of bonding through shared experiences and effort.

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