Relaxing Day at Schönbrunn Zoo and Palace

Explore the wonders of Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace and Zoo. This experience offers an excellent mix of cultural and animal discovery. Enjoy a combination of exquisite baroque architecture, landscaped garden scenery, and a wildlife adventure. Wander around the peaceful gardens, indulge in deep, meaningful conversations, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Surprise Scavenger Hunt in Vienna

December in Vienna is magical with its famous Christmas markets, historic landmarks, and cafes. This date idea is about exploring Vienna in a fun, interconnected way, with little surprises along the journey. The Scavenger Hunt theme will keep the day exciting and is perfect to uncover the hidden gems of the city.

Moonlit Wine Tasting in Vienna

This date idea revolves around a dreamy evening in Vienna, surrounded by the enchantment of the city's architecture and its soft glowing lights. Picture this, a warm August evening, softened by the gentle gleam of the moon. The stars are scattered across the sky, providing a whimsical backdrop. There's just the two of you, a few bottles of wine or prosecco, and an ambience that's brimming with romance.

Surprise Adventure in Vienna

This date idea is designed to provide a variety of activities for you and your partner to experience in Vienna, from outdoor adventures to enriching museum visits. It's a wonderful way to enjoy the city's attractions while giving an element of surprise to your partner.

The Underground Vienna Adventure

Plunge into the underbelly of the city and discover the urban legends and history that lie beneath the surface. This date is perfect for adventurous couples who are not afraid of getting a little dirty, while also exploring the history and culture of this beautiful city.

Viennese Classical Concert Date

Immerse yourselves in the glorious sounds of classical music and experience the rich cultural heritage of Vienna. This date can easily work regardless of the weather since it's usually held indoors.

Whispering Love at Vienna Libraries

Uncover the romance woven into the pages of your sweetheart's favorite books. This date idea creates a perfect blend of two loves - literature and your partner. Set in the historic libraries of Vienna, you will bring a special surprise to your lady that will leave her speechless.

Swing Dance Extravaganza

Take a journey back in time with your partner for a unique date idea filled with groovy music, artful moves, and old-world charm. You will experience the fun and romance of Swing dancing in style and sophistication typical to iconic Viennese bars.

Twilight Escapade in Vienna

This Twilight Escapade in Vienna takes you and your partner on a journey through the city's stunning places – a rooftop view, an idyllic park, and a cozy bar. This date idea captures the romance of Vienna while offering inexpensive and beautiful memories to cherish forever.

A Magical Surprise Birthday in Vienna

Take your partner on an unforgettable journey by planning a secret birthday surprise in the beautiful city of Vienna. Begin with a private tour of the city's stunning architectural landmarks, followed by a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant. End the day with a heartfelt message through a performance at a local theatre.

Viennese Foodie Date

Pleasure your taste buds and discover each other's food preferences as you go about this romantic day in Vienna. Enjoy local specialties, exotic dishes and endearing conversations, all while absorbing the beautiful sights of one of the world's most romantic cities.

Viennese Coffee House Experience

Spend the afternoon immersing yourselves in the storied tradition of Viennese coffee culture. This date idea takes you through the grandeur of Vienna's historic coffee houses, where you can engage in cozy conversation, share pastries, and savor the opulence of old-world elegance.

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