Romantic Dinner Experience at a Rooftop Restaurant

Treat your partner to a romantic dinner experience at a rooftop restaurant in Brisbane. With stunning city views, this date idea is perfect for foodie couples looking for a memorable night out. Enjoy a delicious meal, intimate ambiance, and panoramic views of the city.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mystical Dance Adventure

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, where you'll experience a day full of romantic mystique, rhythmic dance, and the beauty of nature. This date idea is perfect for shy individuals who have a love for dance, mystical elements, and meeting new people.

Exquisite Wine and Dine Experience

Explore the vibrant food culture of Brisbane with our exquisite wine and dine experience. Designed for couples who are food enthusiasts at heart, this short evening date offers the culinary delights of Brisbane right at your table. Enjoy the evening with world-class cuisines, a fine selection of wines, and intimate restaurant ambiance. Rekindle the sparks and escape the routine of daily life with this refreshing date night.

Scavenger Hunt across the City

The two of you will take part in a citywide scavenger hunt in Brisbane. You'll be given a series of clues that lead to various spots all over the city – it could be a historical landmark, local business, or even a random sculpture. At each location, find the next clue that'll take you to the next spot. Expect riddles, puzzles, and lots of fun!

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