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Yogi Love

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: moderate

This exciting roleplay scenario invites you to a steamy, fit-filled world of yoga. As an athletic, appealing yoga coach, guide your partner through an intense workout session. Let this indoor setup help you foster a closer relationship while keeping up with a healthy, energic vibe.

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  • Set this roleplay scenario in your very own living room turned yoga studio. Transform into Lara, the sexy and lively yoga instructor. Your partner takes on the role of a novice yoga student, eager to learn from you. Lara is conducting an intense one-on-one class for her student, where each yoga position and pose takes on a tantalizing edge. The class turns steamy as it continues.
  • As a tactile instructor, Lara guides her student into poses with her hands, creating a connection through touch. In a surprising twist of events, the roles shift as the student shows the instructor a yoga move 'they discovered'. The energy in the room escalates as Lara acknowledges the student's efforts and the duo continues an intimate yet playful exploration of each other's flexibility and skills in the art of yoga.
  • This scenario unfolds with a careful balance of anticipation and satisfaction. Let the practice guide you and your partner through an invigorating and sensual experience, marrying yoga's physicality with your own desire and intimacy.

Preparation steps:

  • You'll require a space in your home for your yoga practice, preferably your living room which you can convert into a yoga studio. Take some time to set the mood: put on some soft and soothing music, light some aromatic candles and incense and if possible dim the lighting to create a relaxing ambiance.
  • As Lara, you need to dress the part of a Yoga instructor. A 'Sexy adult Yoga outfit': a pair of form-fitting leggings and a sleek sports bra should do the trick. Ensure that you are barefoot to authenticate the Yoga experience.
  • Little props like a yoga mat and blocks will add authenticity to your scenario. If you're into yoga, bring out your best skills, if not, do a little research on a few basic yoga poses that you can comfortably execute and teach.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Start your role-play with an actual workout. It's best if you start with some light stretches and gradually proceed to more intense poses. It helps in building up the tension and intrigue. However, remember not to push yourselves too hard, the focus is on enjoying the intimacy and not on mastering the expert poses.
  • Lara should remember to touch and guide her student throughout the yoga session, making it more sensual. The touches, whispers and direct eye contact should be enough to amp up the sexual tension. Communication throughout, in and out of roleplay, is essential, allowing both you and your partner to stay comfortable and enjoy the experience.
  • Don't rush into the sensual part. Let it build up naturally as you transition from one pose to another, maintaining the Yoga theme throughout. In addition to this, keep the room warm to counter November's chill and create a more comfortable environment. At the end of the role-play, you should both feel relaxed, closer and, of course, satisfied.

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