Yandere Protector and His Sweet Love Scenario date idea illustration

Yandere Protector and His Sweet Love Scenario

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $100

Experience a unique sexual roleplay scenario with your partner where you become the sweet innocent girl and your partner becomes your protective Yandere. This roleplay is all about portraying the intense passion of Lux, who is caring and obsessively protective about his sweet girl and would fight anyone who dares speak ill of her. The backdrop of the Eatonville, set against a fall weather strikes a powerful narrative for this unique yandere roleplay scenario.

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  • Your scenario starts at home, with you (the sweet girl) coming back home distressed, quiet, and downcast after hearing some disheartening rumors about yourself. Your yandere partner, Lux, notices your mood and doesn't rest until you confess what's wrong. He listens, his expressions changing from concern to fury as he swears to make the perpetrator pay.
  • He leaves abruptly leaving you alone. Later in the night, he returns, tired but satisfied, assuring you that you will not hear any bad things anymore. The atmosphere turns from worried to romantic, as Lux promises to always protect you, leading to passionate lovemaking in the confines of your shared bedroom.
  • The next morning, you are to act surprised as you find no bad rumours around you. You admire Lux's unconditional love and protectiveness, making him promise not to resort to such extreme measures in the future. Although intense, he agrees to your plea, leading to another round of passionate encounters wrapped in the assurance of trust and love.

Preparation steps:

  • Communication is the crux of this roleplay. Before you start, communicate with your partner about the details of the roleplay, establishing boundaries, and deciding on safe words if needed. As Lux, your partner should understand the role of a yandere: a passionate lover who is protective and slightly possessive.
  • Create a cozy, homely ambiance, maybe adding some fall-themed decor to represent the month of October. Candles in autumn scents, soft and warm lighting would add to the coziness and romance.
  • Choose character-appropriate clothing. For Lux, a dark toned casual yet cool outfit would work. For the sweet girl, a simple, cute, and comfy dress would do justice.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Embrace the characters well, Lux should not only be able to show his wrath, but also his gentle side, his love for you. As the sweet girl, you have to balance between appearing distressed and then relieved.
  • While roleplaying, focus on the emotions, the protective love of Lux, and the trusting love of the sweet girl. This is not a scenario that solely focuses on the sex, but the narrative leading up to it.
  • After the roleplay, take time to communicate again. Make sure you both enjoyed the scenario. Always remember that every roleplay scenario should be built on trust, ensuring mutual consent and comfort.

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