Wine Tasting And Old Town Exploration In Tbilisi date idea illustration

Wine Tasting And Old Town Exploration In Tbilisi

Duration: 5-6 hours
Budget: $120

Bask in the rich, enticing culture of Tbilisi, Georgia with a romantic wine tasting experience. After seeking out the distinctive flavor profiles of Georgian wines at a traditional Marani, explore the winding streets and rustic beauty of the city's old town. Discover the secrets of Georgia's ancient wine-making tradition and simply soak up the unique atmosphere of Tbilisi - a perfect romantic date for unforgettable memories.

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  • Your date will start at a traditional Georgian Marani, where you'll participate in a curated wine tasting experience. Your guide, an experienced sommelier, will walk you through a variety of Georgian wines, explaining the unique processes that create these distinct flavors.
  • After this, it’s time to see the sights. Explore the narrow, winding streets of Tbilisi's Old Town, marvel at quirky, traditional balconied houses clinging to the hillside, and take in scenic views of the Kura river.
  • End your evening at Metekhi Church, where against a backdrop of the beautifully illuminated city, you can enjoy a panorama of Tbilisi by night - unleashing the full romantic potential of this special moment.

Preparation steps:

  • Ensure you're dressed comfortably for walking. While Georgian wine cellars are exceptionally cozy, you'll be doing some exploring on foot afterwards, so comfort is key.
  • Familiarize yourselves with a map of the old town. It's always a good idea to have a general lay of the land. Additionally, renting a private guide to explore the Old Town could heighten the experience.
  • Lastly, empty your phone or camera's memory, bring an extra battery and prepare for a photo-filled day. Tbilisi's scenic beauty and unique architecture offer countless photo opportunities.

You may need

Some tips:

  • While English is widely spoken in Tbilisi, you may want to learn a few Georgian phrases. Not only will it help you navigate the city, but it could also just be a wonderfully fun and bonding activity for you and your partner.
  • For the wine-tasting part of the date, remember to pace yourselves and hydrate in between different wines. Also, it might be best to have a substantial lunch before the wine tasting to prevent any unfavorable alcohol effects.
  • The Metekhi Church area gets a bit crowded in the evenings, especially during the weekends. Plan to get there early to grab a good spot for an anticipated romantic moment.

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