Wild Horses & Picnic Date in Ellisville date idea illustration

Wild Horses & Picnic Date in Ellisville

Duration: 1 day
Budget: over $500

Experience the thrills of wildlife and the comforts of a picnic on a high-budget date in Ellisville, MO. A rendezvous with wild horses, time at a petting zoo, and pampering with bubble baths and pedicures, is sure to spark romance. For an added touch of excitement, finish off your day watching flaming arrows thrown at passing cars from the safety of our private viewing area.

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  • Begin your date at sunrise with a private viewing of wild horses. Witness these stunning animals in their natural habitat, while enjoying a gourmet picnic breakfast. With a selection of your favourite foods and a view that's hard to beat, you'll start your day on a perfect note.
  • Afterwards, head over to a petting zoo where you can enjoy interacting with a variety of friendly animals. Create memories that last a lifetime while enjoying each other's company in the heart of nature.
  • Finish the evening back at your private lodgings with pampering bubble baths and pedicures. Discuss the high points of your day, while sipping your favourite drinks and unwinding. As darkness falls, watch out for flaming arrows thrown into the night sky.

Preparation steps:

  • Ensure that you've packed a picnic blanket and gourmet goodies the night before. Dress in comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor walks. Pack sunscreen and bug repellent as you'll be outdoors for some time.
  • Before heading for the petting zoo, check the visiting hours and if necessary, book in advance. For safety reasons, remember to maintain distance from the animals and follow all the rules of the petting zoo.
  • Book a couples spa package at a high-end spa for the evening bubble baths and pedicures. Remember to pack your bathing suits and other essentials you may need for the spa.

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Some tips:

  • Ensure to maintain a respectful distance from the wild horses for safety. Feed them only if permitted by the authorities.
  • At the petting zoo, follow their guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of both you and the animals. Always use sanitizer after petting the animals.
  • While enjoying the spa, remember to relax and soak in the moments. Let the therapists know of any specific allergies you may have. Top off the day with the spectacle of flaming arrows, but remember to maintain distance for safety.

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