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Wild Forest Frolic

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: 0$

Embrace your wildest fantasies in our Wild Forest Frolic scenario. Perfect for any role-playing couple who enjoy dabbling in cosplay and anime characters. You will be playing the aquatic Eevee evolution, 'Vaporeon', while your partner gets to experience the fiery animalistic thrill of being 'Houndoom'. The serene and rich forestlier setting for our scenario in October provides the perfect backdrop for your play, with vibrant autumn colours and refreshing outdoor air.

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  • The Wild Forest Frolic scenario begins just as dusk starts to settle, adding an ethereal touch to your setting. You are Vaporeon, an Aqua Pokemon, resting serenely by a stream in the magnificent forest. You've strayed from your regular haunts, attracted to the inviting whispers of the wind among the autumn leaves.
  • As you lay by the stream, the forest floor mushy with the fall colors, you notice a Houndoom, approaching you. Played by your partner, he is all macho charm, challenging you with his fiery glare. He's curiously intrigued by your beauty and the air of tranquility around you.
  • Stirred by his approach, you interact with him, your gentle water-based nature contrasting sharply against his fiery one. The scenario progressively builds up to a crescendo – a passionate encounter, with wild abandon, mirroring the natural surroundings.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this scenario, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the characters you're portraying. Do a bit of research on Vaporeon and Houndoom characters, understanding their powers and behaviors in the Pokemon world. This will help make your role play more interactive and exciting.
  • Dressing the part is also a must. Although it's a free scenario, it would enhance the atmosphere if you can wear paraphernalia or anything related to your characters. It doesn't necessarily have to be full costume; even a color-coordinated outfit or DIY accessories would work.
  • Last of all, choose a comfortable and safe location in the forest. Make sure to check the weather beforehand for any unforeseen changes. Always keep it responsible and respectful towards the environment.

Some tips:

  • First of all, always respect the environment and ensure not to leave any traces behind. It's important to prioritize safety and comfort so make sure to carry a blanket or something comfy to lie down on. Sensible footwear is also recommended as you'll be in the forest.
  • Secondly, make the scenario more immersive by really getting into character. Use your powers playfully - Houndoom can 'warm up' Vaporeon when she gets too cold, while Vaporeon can 'cool down' Houndoom when he seems too hot.
  • Lastly, remember to communicate openly with your partner. If you're uncomfortable at any point, make sure to let your partner know. Keep the scenario flexible enough to adjust according to each other's likes and boundaries.

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