Whispering Woods Dining date idea illustration

Whispering Woods Dining

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $500

Enjoy a quiet yet luxurious and romantic afternoon in the woods of Volzhsk. Feel the serenity of nature as you dine in an exclusive, well-arranged setup, with a private chef preparing the meal while you engage with your partner in the whispering sounds of nature. This high budget rendezvous is tailored to provide an exquisite, unforgettable, and personal experience.

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  • On arrival, a chauffeur driven luxury car escorts you from the city to the venue ensuring a high-end experience. The dedicated staff guides you to your private luxurious dining tent set up in the middle of these tranquil woods.
  • As you enter the tent, you find an exquisite setup waiting for you. The soft sound of nature and smell of the pine trees combined with the anticipation of a scrumptious meal heightens the feel of the whole experience.
  • A world-class chef ensures you get to try some of the best culinary delights, enhancing your taste buds while enjoying your partner's company. The serene environment providing a certain intimacy where words aren’t needed to express emotions.

Preparation steps:

  • Since this day involves an outside setup, it's advised to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Warm layers might be needed on cooler days, but also comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Remember that the day is designed to be more about feeling than talking, so consider bringing along a gift or small tokens that carry emotional weight and significance.
  • Given that you are outdoors, don't forget to bring your camera, you might want to capture these beautiful moments. Mosquito repellent is also to recommend considering the outdoor settings.

Some tips:

  • Make sure to let the host know of any dietary restrictions or preferences in advance, so the chef can tailor the menu to your liking.
  • In the case of a sudden change in weather, the luxury tent is heated and can protect from rain, but an additional indoor backup location could be beneficial.
  • Ensure to capture the moment. The blend of this unique experience with the enchanting nature creates an excellent backdrop for beautiful pictures. But remember to put the camera away from time to time and just enjoy the moment.

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