Wendigo Hunt in the Wilderness date idea illustration

Wendigo Hunt in the Wilderness

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: $300 to $400

In the raw and unyielding Canadian wilderness, immerse yourself into a dark, adventurous roleplay inspired by the mystifying legend of the Wendigo. Satisfy your fascination with the unknown as you and your partner expand your horizons.

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  • As dusk settles in the heavy forests of the East Coast, take on the personas of adventurous hunters, fascinated by the legend of the Wendigo. One of you secretly embodies the Wendigo, capturing the essence of its power and mystery, while the other one is a hunter intrigued by these legendary beings.
  • Your roleplay begins in the harsh wilderness of the Canadian East Coast. The Wendigo uses their senses and strength, trying to avoid the cunning hunter in a test of endurance and wit. The hunter, on the other hand, uses their skills and strength to try and trap the elusive Wendigo. This captivating roleplay scenario will prompt you to bring up your daring side and explore your deepest fantasies further.
  • As the game intensifies, the weather plays its part, adding a thrilling twist to your adventure. The chilling Canadian November temperature and the moonlight create the perfect setting for your roleplay. Remember, safety and consent is fundamental in this intense game, and it should be enjoyable for both partners.

Preparation steps:

  • Start with basic preparations like acquiring suitable outdoor hunting gear, which should be insulating enough to keep you warm in the freezing weather. Choose your outfits so they suit your characters and give a more authentic feeling to the roleplay. Additionally, make sure that you have researched enough about the region, its flora and fauna to be on the safe side.
  • Go through the legends of Wendigo to gather some inspiration and wing the attributes and powers you will take on as the Wendigo along with the hunting skills if you are taking on the role of the hunter. Map out a rough idea of how the roleplay would proceed, but leave enough to spontaneity to amp up the thrill.
  • Lastly, set some ground rules to ensure the safety and comfort of both participants. Discuss the limits, use a safe word for absolute understanding and remember that the scenario should remain consent-driven and enjoyable for both.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that this will be an outdoor scenario in November's freezing temperatures, so dress accordingly with layers to keep warm. Do not forget to prioritize safety over anything else. Do not stray too deep into the wilderness, and always keep track of your path. Ensure to maintain clear communication throughout the scenario for ultimate enjoyment.
  • Understand the symbolism behind the Wendigo lore, such as power, strength, and greed, and incorporate it into the roleplay. Try going deeper into the characters and exploring your fears, wild side, or anything you're comfortable with to level up the roleplay.
  • Wendigo is a fantasy creature from the folklore, but sighting them might not be possible. Therefore, the main objective of the whole roleplay should be to enjoy each other's company while dipping a toe in fantasy. Also, remember to carry a flashlight for practical reasons.

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