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Wednesday Addams Adventure

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $0

This free roleplay scenario involves the couple engaging in a gothic fantasy adventure influenced by the character Wednesday Addams, perfect for those who are into quirky fashion and stimulating play. The objective of the roleplay is to engage in stimulating conversations and playful antics that would bring joy, build rapport and intimacy. No need for expensive props, the charm of this roleplay lies in the creativity and enthusiasm of the couple.

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  • Imagine yourselves as Wednesday Addams and her nerdy admirer. Transport yourselves into a world of gothic charm as you play out the roles. You begin the date in one of Sydney's local parks. As the partner playing Wednesday Addams, dress in a short, classic Wednesday Addams dress with black stockings. Be as stoic and mysterious as Wednesday herself.
  • Then, engage in an activity that Wednesday would enjoy such as reciting macabre poetry, discussing bizarre facts, or sketching an imaginary monstrous pet. As the nerdy admirer, response with awestruck admiration and occasional bashful clumsiness. Work to win her affection with sweet words, kindness, and humor.
  • As the day goes by, let the playful interaction continue, injecting wit and sarcasm into your conversations. The nerdy boy might surprise Wednesday with an unexpected knowledge about cryptids or aliens, stimulating fascinating debates, as the sun goes down over Sydney's horizon.

Preparation steps:

  • The key to this roleplay is embodying the characters of Wednesday Addams and her nerdy admirer. Watch a couple of Addams Family episodes as research and get a feel for your characters. Dress appropriately, with Wednesday in her classic dark dress and braids and the nerdy boy in his usual dorky attire.
  • Consider creating a small booklet with interesting yet morbid facts, an 'alien spotting guide' or write a couple of macabre poems before the date, to give you things to talk or joke about. Engage your creativity to implement Wednesday's eccentric hobbies into your date.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable picnic blanket and some snacks to enjoy during your discussions. A well-timed picnic in the park might give you a beautifully dramatic backdrop for your roleplay.

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Some tips:

  • To get into character, use references from the series or Wednesday Addams' quotes. Your characters are polar opposites, so play on that for some cute interaction and fun dialogues.
  • While embracing your roles, ensure you're focusing on the building the connection and intimacy between yourselves. This date is not just about stepping into someone elseโ€™s shoes, but also about understanding and appreciating each otherโ€™s creative energies.
  • Also, be mindful of your surroundings. While this roleplay adventure can be thrilling, remember to be respectful of any other people who may also be enjoying the park.

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