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Unwanted Intruder

Duration: 3 hours
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The 'Unwanted Intruder' scenario is about a couple indulging in the dynamic of revulsion and charm. The setting is within a house and it is all about navigating the rejection and winning over your partner with persuasive skills and a gentle touch. The backdrop of the scenario is set on a typical October day in West Allis, United States.

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  • Start the night off with one partner playing the role of the unwanted individual in the woman's house. Make sure you dress in a non-threatening outfit, but with an air of enigma to draw curiosity. Always remember the golden rule, keeping boundaries in mind. The 'Intruder' will make attempts to make the woman comfortable around him without crossing the line. The woman, on the other hand, behaves standoffish and uninterested initially, slowly melting under his charm.
  • This does not happen instantly. The 'Intruder' starts by making a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa for her, trying to initiate banter, putting on some soothing music, and in general, changing the energy of the room. During this time, you both keep up with your roles where every 'Intruder's actions are seen as an effort to stay. Gradually, the apparent annoyance starts turning into interest towards the 'Intruder'.
  • The culmination of this scenario should be a result of extended hours of this play, eventually, leading to an intimate connection. The crucial part is the transition from pretend annoyance to genuine affection. The woman gradually warms up to the 'Intruder', and in a moment of heated dispute, they find themselves drawn to each other. The tension diffuses into a steamy passionate moment to be shared between them.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, the partners need to discuss their boundaries and safe words for the scenario. As provocative and exciting as it sounds, it can take a negative turn if not handled with mutual agreement.
  • Secondly, dressing is essential. The 'Intruder' must sport a charismatic yet non-threatening look akin to a chivalrous rogue. The woman needs to be dressed in a comfortable yet appealing manner to match the situation at home.
  • Lastly, set the stage with the right props, like a kettle for tea or hot cocoa, a stereo for music, etc. There should be enough materials for the 'Intruder' to make use of in order to change the mood.

You may need

Some tips:

  • For this scenario to work, communication is key. Before starting this scenario, the couple should have an open conversation on what is acceptable and where to draw the line. It's recommended to use a safe word if something goes too far.
  • Layer the experience. Make it a slow progression from annoyance to an enjoyable bandter before culminating in physical intimacy. A rapid progression can break the illusion, spoiling the mood.
  • Above all else, this roleplay scenario should be fun for both parties. Always prioritize your partner's comfort and enthusiasm. If one person isn't enjoying themselves, adjust the scenario accordingly.

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