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Unexpected Hot Air Balloon Date

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: From $250 per person

Experience the thrill of floating above the earth in a hot air balloon with your loved one. The surprise hot air balloon date includes a ride over the breathtaking landscapes of Plattsburgh and a romantic picnic when you land. The perfect event for a September day when the weather is just right for flying.

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  • Imagine the look on your partner’s face as you approach the hot air balloon launch site with no previous explanation. As you lift off, your worries and fears are left on the ground and replaced with the overwhelming awe of the panoramic views of beautiful Plattsburgh. After the flight, enjoy an outdoor picnic complete with champagne to celebrate your latest adventure together.
  • The balloon ride offers an intimate setting for you and your partner with the thrill of the unknown and the beauty that lies beneath. The shared experience of seeing the world from a different perspective is sure to bring you closer. As you float above the trees, field, and lakes, it's the ideal moment to celebrate your love.
  • Your romantic picnic awaits you once you have safely landed. It's the perfect time to relax, reflect, and revel in the exhilarating sensation of the flight. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you toast to the love you share and the memories you've just made.

Preparation steps:

  • Keeping the balloon ride a surprise will add a whole new excitement to this unique date idea. To prepare, pack a tasty picnic lunch and don't forget a bottle of your favorite champagne or sparkling cider. You might also want to pack a light jacket, as temperatures can be cooler up at higher altitutes.
  • On the day of the flight, ensure to arrive early for a brief orientation on safety procedures. Don't forget your camera or smartphone for those picture-perfect shots of the stunning views as well as selfies of the two of you in the balloon basket.
  • Lastly, it's worth checking the weather forecast a day ahead. The operators often won't fly if the conditions aren't right, so if there's too much wind or rain on the horizon, you'll want to have a backup plan.

Some tips:

  • Plan the hot air balloon ride for an early morning or late afternoon when the wind conditions tend to be most ideal. It's also the time when the light is often soft and golden, perfect for magical photos.
  • Don't forget to dress comfortably and in layers. Early morning flights can start in cooler temperatures and then warm up as the sun rises. Consider wearing hats and sunglasses for protection against the sun.
  • Communication is key. Even though it's a surprise, ensure your partner is okay with heights and that they don't suffer from conditions that might be exacerbated by the high altitudes. Safety first!

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