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Undercover Love in Berlin

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $400

Based on the story of German intelligence agent 'Eren' and Japanese agent 'Mikasa', this date will take you through a thrilling ride filled with mystery, action, humor, and romance in the backdrop of Berlin, Germany. As the evening unfolds, you'll get to experience the raw passion they share along with the intimacy of their married life in a secluded town. Join us for an espionage themed high-budget outdoor adventure roleplay scenario.

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  • Start your evening at a fancy rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the city, aptly playing the role of your former agencies' meeting point. You, as Eren, should pick up Mikasa, your partner from her supposed temporary residence. Don't forget to compliment her, show the charm and warm-hearted side Eren has.
  • Move on to a private cinema screening of a cult classic spy thriller movie, paying homage to your former life of danger and risk. Finally, end the night at a cozy mountain themed bar, giving a nod to your secluded Swiss escape.
  • Throughout the role-play, let the tension build. Remember the feelings of danger mixed with affection. Sneak touches, share knowing looks, flirt subtly but keep up the thrill. Get lost in each other's eyes, reminisce the old times with stories of your joint missions, and end the night with a deep passionate kiss.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for your roleplay, invest in a couple of fancy 'Sexy adult' espionage-themed outfits. Create a backstory for your characters, filled with previous missions and near to death experiences which you barely escaped. Get familiar with some common phrases in Japanese and German, to add more authenticity to your roles.
  • Book your venues in advance, particularly the private cinema and rooftop restaurant. Request the restaurant to arrange a secluded table for you to keep up with the theme. Ask the bar to play some soothing Swiss music for your final venue.
  • Collect some props such as fake passports, envelopes with 'confidential' stamped on them, and sunglasses for the perfect spy look.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The key to a great role-play is participation and commitment. Immerse yourself in your character, do a little research if needed. Add little personal touches to your character, like favorite drinks or unusual habits, making your character more relatable and real.
  • Timing is everything. Remember, this isn’t just spy role play, but a love story too. Maintain the balance between the thrill of the investigation and showcasing the love between the two spies.
  • Don't be too strict with the script. Improvise and add a dose of humor. Making each other laugh can make the date feel more comfortable and fun.

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