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Undercover Insights

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

Assume the roles of concerned citizens turned undercover researchers who delve into the underlying causes of crime and violence in Jamaica. Transform your living space into a strategic meeting point where you exchange insights, debate theories, and craft your own solutions, all while building intimacy.

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  • Having prepared your roles in advance, one partner plays a budding sociologist interested in pinpointing the root causes of crime in Jamaica, while the other takes on the part of a criminal psychologist. As friends with a common goal, unite to analyze and discuss the often complex interplay of socioeconomic factors contributing to the issue.
  • Spend the evening mapping out the different forces at play, such as poverty, unemployment, political corruption, and societal norms. Dive into discussions about how these factors fuel the cycle of violence, reflecting on their historical context and the struggles faced by the communities. Use your dialogue to educate and challenge each other’s viewpoints, fostering a deeper connection.
  • End the roleplay with each friend proposing potential solutions or interventions that could address these issues, adding personal stories or creative fictional examples to spice things up. Conclude by sharing the emotional impact of such societal problems on individuals and families, allowing the conversation to naturally transition to more personal and intimate topics.

Preparation steps:

  • Research and gather materials on the topic. Find documentaries, articles, and statistics concerning the current climate of crime and violence in Jamaica to base your discussion.
  • Create a comfortable setup in your living room or any quiet space at home that can serve as your 'research headquarters'. Have note-taking materials ready, such as notepads, pens, and highlighters.
  • Plan some Jamaican-inspired refreshments or a casual meal to enjoy during your deep dive into societal issues. It adds authenticity to the roleplay and can be a comforting treat after a session of serious dialogue.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Stay open-minded and respectful; remember, it’s a sensitive topic and the focus is on collaboration and connection.
  • Use the research to inform the dialogue but feel free to get creative in integrating personal stories or hypothetical situations to make it engaging.
  • Although the topic is serious, keep the atmosphere light and supportive, reinforcing your bond as friends and partners.

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