Ulsan Coastal Excursion date idea illustration

Ulsan Coastal Excursion

Duration: full day
Budget: $20-$30

A coastal excursion taking you to mesmerizing spots around Ulsan, filled with breathtaking views. This low-budget trip will offer unlimited memories and moments of serenity admiring nature's beauty. Take a day off and enjoy Ulsan's splendid coast with your loved one.

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  • Start your day early, sipping a cup of your favorite beverage together while waiting for the bus to your first destination, the Daewangam Park. From there on, take a leisurely walk through the nature-infused trails surrounded by pine trees until you reach the beautiful coastal view. Spend some quality time, capture beautiful moments before heading to your next destination, Ganjeolgot Cape, known for its scenic sunrise view. Even though you might be visiting during the day, the captivating views it offers stay constant.
  • Next, stop by Whale Cultural Village and enjoy the vibrant murals and artistic vibe of the seaside town. It is a perfect spot for memorable pictures. After the cultural village, make your way to Ulsan Grand Park and relax amid its serenity. Enjoy a picnic while appreciating the picturesque view.
  • Conclude your beautiful day at Ilsan Beach enjoying the sunset. The beach is less crowded, serene and is an ideal spot for a peaceful walk.

Preparation steps:

  • Pack a pair of comfortable shoes and dress according to the weather as you will be spending the day outdoors. As most of these locations require walking or hiking, take a water bottle, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself on a sunny day. Also, carry some light snacks for a quick energy refill in between.
  • Download the local map and familiarize yourself with the bus routes, this trip requires hopping from one location to another. Carry cash for bus fares and other small expenses as not all places may accept cards.
  • Ensure your cameras or smartphones are fully charged to capture the beautiful scenery and memorable moments. Don't forget to carry a blanket or mat for a relaxing sit-down or picnic at Ulsan Grand Park and Ilsan Beach.

Some tips:

  • Although the trip is low-budget, do be prepared for minor spends like food and bus fares. Some of these locations have nearby cafes or restaurants for quick meals.
  • Respect nature by keeping the environment clean. It's best to abide by the principle of 'Take only memories, leave only footprints'. Also, remember that some paths in Daewangam Park can be steep and rocky, requiring caution.
  • Lastly, don't rush. Each location has its unique charm and vibe for you to embrace and enjoy. Relax and savor each moment of this adventurous date.

Recommended locations:

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