Two College Students in Istanbul date idea illustration

Two College Students in Istanbul

Duration: The Whole Day
Budget: $100-$150

A roleplay scenario involving two college students studying together in historical Istanbul. This scenario captures the essence of youth, college life, and the romantic setting of Istanbul on a typical November day.

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  • You and your partner play the roles of two college students studying together at a scenic outdoor café along Istanbul's Bosporus strait. The day involves studying for midterms, sharing stories of college life, exploring the city’s various historical sites, and gradually developing a deeper bond.
  • As the evening approaches, celebrate finishing your studies with a rich Turkish meal at a local restaurant. The roleplay intensifies as you and your partner share confessions of mutual attraction under the soft glow of the city lights.
  • Wind down the day with a romantic walk along the Bosporus, the sounds of the city washing away as you share intimate conversations, and possibly a first kiss, enveloped by the enchanting aura of Istanbul at night.

Preparation steps:

  • Research your role as a college student in Turkey to add authenticity. Learn a few basic Turkish phrases, and the general subjects college students study in Turkey.
  • Dress in comfortable, casual clothes that suit a student’s lifestyle. Think jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, or hoodies, and don’t forget the backpack filled with books and notebooks.
  • Plan your activities for the day - choose a café for studying, a few historical sites to explore, and a restaurant for dinner.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to maintain the character of a youthful college student throughout the day, allowing the chemistry to build naturally. Keep things light, fun, and slightly coy.
  • For an added layer of fun, consider incorporating a Turkish language learning element to the roleplay. Make it a game where you have to take turns speaking only in Turkish.
  • Enjoy the roleplay and allow yourselves to naturally move from one stage to the other. Mutual consent and understanding is the key to a fun and sexy night to remember.

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