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Turkish Delight

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $150-$200

Enjoy a night of culture, erotism, and ardor with a romantic Turkish-themed scenario wrapped in the serenity and coziness of your own nest.

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  • Start the evening with a candle-lit authentic Turkish dinner at home. Set the mood with soothing Turkish music. Dress in traditional Turkish outfits - ladies can opt for a belly dancer outfit, and gentlemen, go with a rich merchant look.
  • After dinner, immerse yourselves into a roleplay where your wife is a Turkish dancer mesmerizing the audience with her belly dance, and you are a rich Turkish merchant who can't resist her allure. Play the music and let her body sway to the rhythm, you can join too exchanging slow, sensuous moves. Enjoy the playful exchanges and let the tension build.
  • As the performance reaches its final note, you, the saga will continue in the privacy of your bedroom, paving the way for a very passionate night. Start with a sensual oil massage, heightening your senses. Take yourselves to the realms of erotic pleasure slowly, passionately and intimately.

Preparation steps:

  • You will need to create the right atmosphere for the dinner. For the setting, you can choose Turkish brass lanterns, decorative Turkish ceramic plates, and a low-lying Turkish rug to sit on while having the dinner.
  • The menu should include well-known Turkish dishes such as Meze, Sish Kebap, and for dessert, Baklava, all accompanied by some Raki. You can order the food from a local Turkish restaurant to ensure it's authentic and delicious.
  • The outfits for both of you should be Turkish-themed. Women can opt for a Sexy Adult Belly Dancer outfit and men can go with a Turkish merchant costume.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, the goal is not just to enjoy physical pleasure, but also to immerse yourselves in the glory of Turkish culture. Don't rush the evening. Let every moment sink in and take every opportunity to connect.
  • Reinforce your roles in your dialogue. The wife can play hard to get, teasing her 'rich merchant' husband, adding intrigue and excitement to the atmosphere. The husband, on the other hand, can use charming compliments and gifts to pursue his 'beloved dancer'.
  • A little research on Turkish traditional dance and some practice will help you feel more confident and make the dance performance even more convincing and entertaining

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