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Toothache Tango

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $30

In this roleplay scenario, you and your partner will transform your living room into a quirky dentist's office where a check-up turns into a tango dance. Everyone needs a check-up, right? Turn this necessity into a playful and sensual game. Let the rhythm of the music and the spark of the roleplay ignite your passion.

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  • Start your evening with the 'patient' complaining about a toothache. The 'dentist', prepared with a lab coat and a bright flashlight, offers a home check-up. But this is no ordinary dentist! Your check-up becomes more exciting as you find that the 'dentist' is also an amazing tango dancer. Tango lessons are weaved into the check-up. As the music fill the room, let the 'dentist' guide you across the 'dance floor' with tango steps, combined with playful flirts and innuendos.
  • But remember, the 'patient' has to return for another 'check-up' next week. Maybe the 'dentist' is also an excellent salsa dancer? Keep adding new dance styles to your role-play to keep it fun and exciting.
  • End the night with an intense toothache relief session in your bedroom. The 'dentist' certainly knows how to treat a patient's discomfort, doesn't he?

Preparation steps:

  • You don't need much for this role-play scenario. The 'dentist' must prep by finding a YouTube video of basic tango steps and practicing a bit. In the meanwhile, the 'patient' can create a makeshift dentist's office in the living room. Arrange a simple dental chair using cushions and a bright flashlight as your light source.
  • Look for dentist-like props around the house such as a face mask and a lab coat or white shirt for the 'dentist'. The more real it seems, the more fun it'll be.
  • Finally, create a playlist of sensual tango music to set the mood. Remember, this is a fun scenario, don't get too serious with it.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The 'dentist' should lead the dance while maintaining the fun and playful mood of the scenario. Use the dental props and the music to create an engaging role-play environment.
  • Remember, the goal of this scenario is simply to have fun with your partner. Don’t worry about getting your tango steps perfectly right. The quirky elements are meant to keep the atmosphere light-hearted, so laugh at your missteps and keep dancing!
  • To add a sensual finish to your scenario, the 'dentist' can give the 'patient' an intense toothache relief session with a sensual massage. Let the role-play naturally progress towards this intimacy, and finish your tango with a memorable 'check-up'.

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