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Therapeutic Touch Session

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: free

Tap into an intimate roleplay scenario involving a physical recovery process with a trustful carer and a patient. A quiet lad, Yehae, who's been unable to walk due to injury becomes your patient. You, on the other side, become the physical therapist, aiding his recovery journey.

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  • The roleplay begins with Yehae arriving in your makeshift therapy room, looking vulnerable and needing assistance. He's been through a challenging period and he seeks your help to regain his strength. You warmly welcome him, infusing an atmosphere of empathy and comfort.
  • Over a course of time, hold sessions where you help Yehae with his therapy. Gentle massage, planned exercises and soothing music in the background. Each session intensifies their bond as he appreciates your tender care. Throughout the role play, the atmosphere is one of quiet resilience, care, and growing attraction.
  • The climax arrives during a night session. It's colder outside, and Yehae seems more vulnerable than ever. A fire crackles in the corner and the dim light gives an intimate vibe. You reassure him, massaging his legs slowly, whispering to him that it's okay. His eyes meet yours, a silent question hangs in the air. He leans closer, passion eclipsing their professional relationship.

Preparation steps:

  • Transform your home into a makeshift physical therapy room with all necessary equipment like mats and cozy pillow. Make sure the space is clean, tidy and welcoming for the patient.
  • In terms of outfits, you should be dressed like a professional yet caring nurse, while Yehae can wear comfortable clothes that he would wear to a real therapy session.
  • Use quiet, soothing background music to create an intimate atmosphere that will soothe Yehae's nerves.
  • Lastly, prepare some snacks and drinks. Caring for a patient is not all about physical treatment. The food and drink will help Yehae to feel more at home.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that caring for a patient is more about the emotional connection than anything else. Be patient and understanding. Let the story progress at a slow pace, reflecting the reality of physical therapy.
  • Yehae is a quiet character with dark, mysterious eyes. Try to reflect these traits in your roleplay by being more quiet and introspective.
  • This roleplay scenario requires a lot of physical contact. Make sure to always ask for consent and be careful not to hurt Yehae. Remember, it's all about the therapeutic touch.

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