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The Wolf and the Hunter

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

In this roleplay, you take on the role of the fierce and enigmatic wolf while your partner, Bonnie, plays the part of a headstrong, but easily flustered hunter. In a cozy, indoor setting, you two engage in this playful and suspenseful game, with moments of calm tenderness where the wolf soothes the agitated hunter.

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  • As evening falls, you begin your roleplay. Dressed in your most convincing wolf costume, you prowl around your home, watching as the hunter in Bonnie gets increasingly agitated and ready for action.
  • You can initiate playful confrontation, creating a thrilling chase around the house, but never let Bonnie catch you just yet, to keep the suspense alive. Once Bonnie reaches peak agitation, draw him into a tranquil moment where you, as the wolf, strive to calm the hunter with soothing words and gentle touches.
  • The highlight of the night is when you finally let the 'hunter' capture the 'wolf'. This could be an intimate confrontation in a 'forest' of cushions in your living room. Create a climactic reconciliation where the hunter and wolf express their feelings of affection, ending in a passionate embrace.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this roleplay, first transform your indoor environment into an enchanting forest setting. You can achieve this by dimming the lights and using speaker to play the sounds of a forest at night. You could also use potted plants, if available, to add to the illusion of a forest.
  • The two of you will also need costumes. The 'wolf's' costume should portray the fierce and enigmatic nature of a wolf. Consider a cool leather jacket, or a fluffy hood. Bonnie's 'hunter' outfit could consist of cargo pants, a loose shirt, and a toy crossbow or a harmless hunting prop.
  • Finalize your setting and outfits with minor adjustments tailored to suit both of your preferences and comforts. Spend some time going through the details of the scenario with Bonnie so he is prepared and knows when he should act agitated and when to calm down.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Taking on the role of a wolf and a hunter, the idea of 'fight or flight' can be used to intensify the intimacy. The anticipation of the hunt, chase and capture can serve to heighten your senses. Make use of the indoor environment, hide in unexpected corners or behind furniture to keep the hunter on his toes.
  • If Bonnie becomes too agitated, remember to use calming phrases and gentle touches. This will also strengthen the connection between you two. In order to succeed in this roleplay, communication will be vital. Be open about roleplay boundaries and safe words before starting and don't be afraid of breaking character if something becomes uncomfortable.
  • Bearing in mind the budget of this date, any props or costumes should be items that you already have at home. If there is a need to purchase anything, consider potential future uses of them before making a decision.

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