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The Viking and the Queen

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: Varies

Experience a tale of passion and conquest between a courageous Viking and a regal Queen, set amidst the historical backdrop of Fredrikstad, Norway. No budget constraints mean the world is your stage, and every detail can be as authentic as you choose.

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  • In this scenario, one partner assumes the role of a bold Viking – fearless, boisterous, and longing for adventure. The other takes on the mantle of an elegant Queen, entrenched in the comfort of her luxurious castle. The Viking arrives in Fredrikstad from his grueling seafaring journey, eager to present his spoils to the queen.
  • The Viking, bearing the tokens of his maritime exploits, seeks an audience with the queen. Days merge into nights as the Viking gradually earns the Queen's trust and admiration. They start sharing stories - of valorous battles, mystical lands, and enigmatic beasts. Their hidden desires surface and eventually, love unfurls in its full intensity.
  • The climax of the adventure is an impassioned romantic rendezvous. Every war-torn Viking deserves a heart-warming homecoming, and every queen deserves an audacious hero who can match her spirit. Whether they adjust their crowns or keep up their defenses – all of it builds towards an intense, intimate climax that’ll leave an unforgettable stamp on their love saga.

Preparation steps:

  • Partners must discuss and assign the roles of the Viking and the Queen. The Viking partner should fashionily dress like a Viking warrior, while the Queen should wear something regal and elegant. Set up your place as an opulent castle - think plush throws, gilded mirrors, flickering candles.
  • Consider adopting mannerisms and dialects of the era to increase the authenticity of the roleplay. The Viking may speak with the confidence and bravado of a seafaring explorer, while the Queen maintains the refined eloquence of a noble monarch.
  • Finally, both of them must amass 'spoils from the journey' - items or stories that form the premise of the initial encounter. These can be sea shells, small artifacts, or simply vivid descriptions of exotic locales and daring adventures.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always maintain mutual consent throughout the roleplay; any adventurous actions or bold advances must be agreed upon by both partners beforehand.
  • Old Fredrikstad Town provides a gorgeous historical backdrop for the beginning of the roleplay, but transitioning to a private setting ensures privacy and comfort during the intimate parts of the scenario.
  • Once the roleplay is in progress, try to limit breaks in character. Indeed, the secret to a successful roleplay is immersion - allowing yourselves to experience each other in new, exciting ways.

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