The Unyielding CEO's Command

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $150

In this roleplay, the woman embodies a high-powered and demanding CEO, while the man plays the role of a fresh, eager-to-please personal assistant. Set in the fast-paced corporate world, this scenario ignites a fiery dynamic of power and control.

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  • As soon as the woman arrives home, she steps into the role of a CEO. The man is greeted by her assertive voice and sharp attire that highlights her dominant position. Her instructions are clear and uncompromising, detailing her expectations for the night—her needs come first, no matter what.
  • During dinner, she conducts everything like a business meeting, evaluating the man's performance and teasingly reprimanding him for any perceived shortcomings. As the meal progresses, the borderline professionalism starts to blur as she begins to issue very personal commands, flaunting the thrill of her power.
  • The night culminates in the CEO taking charge in the bedroom, transforming it into her executive suite. The man, still in his role as the devoted assistant, follows her every directive, embracing his submission to her unwavering command.

Preparation steps:

  • The woman will need to dress the part of a powerful CEO. Think of a stylish business suit, high heels, and accessories that exude authority. She should also prepare stern 'business' language and demeanor to fully embody her character.
  • The man should dress as a personal assistant, in smart casual or business attire, with a notepad and pen always at hand to take her orders. He should be ready to greet her with her preferred drink and a warm towel, just as a diligent assistant would for a CEO after a long day.
  • Set up your home as a makeshift office suite for the CEO, complete with an area for dining that doubles as a boardroom. Have a performance review sheet ready where the CEO can mark the assistant's performance, adding an element of playfulness to the role.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To enhance the scenario, practice authoritative language and commands that are both strict and tantalizingly direct.
  • Consider establishing a safeword beforehand, ensuring both participants feel comfortable with the intensity of the power dynamic.
  • Engage in aftercare post roleplay, where both partners can decompress, discuss their experiences, and reconnect tenderly outside the roles.

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