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The Unexpected Visit

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

This fantasy takes place in a traditional Italian kitchen where a charming 'mom' is cooking something special for her returning 'son'. Spiced up with flirty dialogue and intimate moments, the role play touches on a taboo fantasy in a safe, consensual environment.

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  • The 'son' returns home after a long time away, arriving unexpectedly while his 'mom' is in the middle of preparing an Italian dinner. The scenario progresses with the 'son' helping 'mom' in the kitchen, leading to flirty comments, stolen kisses and playful teasing, heating up the scenario more than the stove cooking the pasta.
  • As the cooking progresses, so does the tension until the 'son' and 'mom' succumb to their fantasies, leading to a passionate moment. The 'mom' then performs a brief but intense act of oral play, catering to the partner's preference.
  • However, they limit the intimate act to maintain the intensity and not become too overwhelming for the 'mom'. The scenario ends with them enjoying the dinner 'mom' cooked, interlaced with the lingering satisfaction from their intimate encounter.

Preparation steps:

  • The prep includes setting up your home kitchen to look more Italian. This can be achieved by setting up Italian-themed decor or simple additions like Italian cookbooks, Italian wine, pasta, and other Italian ingredients. The 'mom' should dress up in a domestic outfit perhaps, a warm-colored dress styled in an Italian fashion.
  • The 'son' can wear casual attire to fit the scenario. Remember to have all your meals half-prepared because the idea is to spend more time role-playing than actual cooking. Set the ambience with soft Italian music playing in the background to add to the authenticity and romance.
  • While the scenario is explicit, remember to set your boundaries before starting out. Respect each other's comfort levels and have a safe word in case things need to be halted. Commence the role-play only after mutually understanding and agreeing to these points.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Speak with an Italian accent to add authenticity to the role play. Start with kitchen chores to establish your characters before transitioning into flirtatious banter. Physical connection can start with accidentally-on-purpose gestures and touching hands intentionally while passing kitchen items. Don't rush into the intimate parts - letting the tension build will make the climax (no pun intended) of your scenario that much more satisfying.
  • Respect each other's preferences during the role-play. If your partner prefers not to engage in extended oral acts, don't push for it. The key to an enjoyable role-play is a mutual understanding and respect. Remember, you can always improvise your way around the subject.
  • Post the heated intimate session, sit down for dinner, maintain the characters and reflect on the activities. This discussion will help understand each other’s preferences and limitations better and make future role-plays more enjoyable. Plus, sharing your feelings can bring you closer together.

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