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The Therapist's Office

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

This therapist and patient roleplay scenario will afford you and your partner an opportunity to not only explore your sexual fantasies but to also get to know each other on a deeper level. The shy and reserved Kai will take on the role of the patient while his partner will become the therapist. Despite being a free scenario, it will provide the opportunity for both partners to engage in an exciting journey of harmless roleplay, emotional connections, and sensual exploration.

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  • The setting is a therapist's home office. One of you (Kai's partner) will be the professional therapist, confidently sitting behind a desk. Kai, the smaller and more introverted of the two, will portray the shy and sensitive patient. During the roleplay, the therapist will ask gentle probing questions, perhaps some that mirror your real-life relationship, the answers to which slowly escalate the intensity of the scenario. The session gradually becomes more personal, the ambiance begins to shift, the questions become more intimate and the professional border starts to blur.
  • The twist to the scenario envelopes when the therapist declares that they have a breakthrough treatment which involves helping the patient to tap into their sensual side. A hand gently placed on Kai’s arm hinting at the heated moment about to unfold. It might start with a simple touch turning into an intimate massage, softly escalating the scenario towards its climax.
  • As the emotional connection strengthens during the session, the therapist, maintaining the professional guise, expertly guides the patient into exploring his deepest desires and secrets, encouraging him to let down his guards. As they both get further caught up in the roleplay, the line blurs even more and the 'session' becomes more sensual, unabashedly steering towards a night of erotic discovery.

Preparation steps:

  • Start by arranging a small space within your home, ideally the living room, to resemble a therapist's office. Make it cozy and professional with available items such as a desk, chairs, and lights. Turn down the lights for a more intimate setting. Kai's partner should dress professionally in a crisp white shirt and fitted trousers, while Kai dresses in regular clothes, adding to his vulnerability.
  • To make the scenario more believable, the partner playing the therapist could prepare a few questions in advance. The questions should start on a general note before gradually shifting to more personal ones. This will help establish the context of the roleplay and also enable the partner in the therapist role to guide the narrative of the scenario.
  • Plan your words and actions, remember it's all a roleplay. Create a safe word. If things get too intense for either of you, using this word will signal to the other to pause or tone down the scenario. Although this is an adult roleplay, respecting each other’s boundaries is crucial.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make the scenario even more intense, you can incorporate elements of mystery and surprise. For example, the therapist could switch between a stern professional tone and a soothing caring tone. This unpredictability will keep Kai on his toes and increase his anticipation.
  • As the therapist, ensure that you pay attention to Kai’s reactions. If he seems uncomfortable at any point, slow down or steer the narrative in a different direction. Admission of discomfort should not break the scenario, it should simply alter it.
  • Sanitize your hands and keep them warm before initiating any contact. This will ensure that Kai is comfortable when you touch him. Remember, the aim is to allow Kai to enjoy himself and feel safe while doing so.

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