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The Stowaway and the Pirate Captain

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

Set your course towards a world of sinful pleasure and delicious domination. In this role play scenario, Jana is a mischievous stowaway discovered aboard Captain Ron's pirate ship. Ron, being the stern pirate captain, decides to take matters into his own hands, teaching Jana a lesson as he sees fit. The high seas, the raging winds, and the thrill of being caught intertwine to create an exciting romantic adventure for Jana and Ron. Plunge deep into your fantasies, let down your inhibitions and let the story unfold.

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  • The setting is the Captain's quarters in a ship. Smell the salty sea air and hear the waves against the ship as Ron discovers Jana stowed away in his cabin, emerging from a secret compartment under the floor. He expresses his faux outrage and tells her that she'll have to work off her passage... or else. As the scenario progresses, their pretend argument heats up and Ron, reminding her of her place, gives her a light spank. This play discipline sets the pace for the rest of their erotic adventure.
  • After the initial spanking, Jana attempts to escape but is caught by Ron. This leads to a chase around the ship, adding more exhilaration and playfulness to the roleplay. The dimly lit paths and narrow alleys would make the chase even more exciting. Finally, the scenario ends inside the bedroom with the Captain reasserting his dominance.
  • You could even introduce pirate lingo and punishments to spice up the storyline. The aim is to extend foreplay and make the whole experience feel like an exhilarating game between two consensual adults.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, take the time to sit down with your partner and outline the boundaries of this role play. Decide on a safe word and discuss what actions and types of spankings are off the table. Communication ensures a consensual and pleasurable experience for both.
  • Secondly, decorate a space in your home to look like a pirate ship. Use props such as old maps, ragged pirate hats, and even a makeshift wooden plank. Mood lighting to mimic a dimly lit pirate cabin could add authenticity to the scene. You could even use scented candles to make the room smell like the sea.
  • Lastly, decide on outfits. The pirate captain would be incomplete without a captain's hat, loose shirt, and tight trousers. The stowaway may dress in a peasant blouse, corset, and a flowing skirt. Remember, the aim is to have fun and immerse yourselves in the characters, so don't be afraid of getting a little creative.

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Some tips:

  • Make sure to frequently communicate with your partner. Check in often to ensure they are still comfortable and enjoying the scene.
  • Use pirate lingo to make the role play even more immersive. Phrases like 'Ahoy, matey' or 'Walk the plank, ya scurvy dog' can add a playful element to the scenario.
  • The aim is to have fun! It's alright to laugh and be goofy. Not everything has to be serious. Enjoy being in character and let yourself be carried away by the roleplay.

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