The Sperm Bank Give and Take date idea illustration

The Sperm Bank Give and Take

Duration: Around 1 to 2 hours
Budget: Moderate

This mildly kinky roleplay scenario allows you to experience a unique medical scenario featuring a nurse and a patient in a sperm bank. It's an adventurous and fun activity to spice things up while also bringing some laughter and bonding time.

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  • In this scenario, Irma, cast yourself as the vivacious and prepared nurse at your personal sperm clinic. Your partner will be playing the role of a bashful patient who needs help. The plot runs thusly: you are an experienced, no-nonsense nurse making routine rounds when you encounter a new patient (your partner) struggling with a certain, donation process shall we say? It becomes apparent that he requires personal help to navigate the procedure that must be handled professionally, of course! From there, let the narrative unfold naturally, keeping it as light or intense as you both agree upon.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, you should both sit together and discuss the scenario to set boundaries and understand each other's comfort levels. Be sure to keep the conversation flowing to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Determine a safeword for this play. This scenario mostly revolves around creating a virtual medical setting at home. Therefore, you could potentially use your bedroom or any other private room to serve as the clinic. Ensure to clean and tidy up the room for the setting. Thirdly, you should also consider setting up a basic costume to enhance the reality of the scenario. You don't have to splurge on a real nurse's uniform, even something as small as a white coat would do the job perfectly.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always make sure that both of you are comfortable with the role play scenario. Keep communicating and checking in with your partner. Also, remember to stick strictly to your agreed boundaries. Laugh off the awkward moments and enjoy the process. This is not just about the sexual experience but also about bonding and having fun together. Lastly, use each part of the scenario as an opportunity to explore new things about each other. The point is not to simply revisit what you've done before but to explore and experiment in a safe, fun, and sensual environment.

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