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The Russian Ballet Betrayal

Duration: Full Night
Budget: $150

Embrace the passionate world of ballet and drama by attending a ballet performance at a local theatre and letting your imagination run wild. Play out a secretive affair doused in desire and intrigue. Backstage affairs, intense performances, whispering critics, and an audience that's none the wiser - live a night filled with symbolism, beauty and high-stakes romance.

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  • The thrilling saga begins with the couple dressing for an evening out to enjoy a ballet performance. One of you is the visiting aristocrat, while the other is a mesmerizing lead ballet dancer who is unhappy in a relationship that is unhappily bound by duty rather than love. Throughout the performance, exchange stolen glances, discreet touches, and whispers, escalating the tension of your secret affair.
  • Back at home, let the anticipation build. You, the dancer, lead a pantomimed backstage tour for your aristocrat lover, highlighting your struggle and desire to break free. Become embroiled in an illicit rendezvous, using spaces you'd overlooked yet found irresistible under this newfound context.
  • Keep the ballet theme alive by using the grace, flexibility and sensuality of dance movements. The ballerina would engage the aristocrat in a seductive dance, reenacting their favorite parts of the ballet performance and demonstrating their profound longing for one another. As the break of dawn approaches, culminate your night with a final 'performance' that encapsulates the passion, secrecy and pulsating energy of your hidden affair.

Preparation steps:

  • Research upcoming ballet performances in your area and reserve tickets in advance. Prepare appropriate attire - a black tie and long dress would do justice to your characters. To amplify the allure of your characters, the aristocrat can wear a suit with a formal waistcoat and the ballerina a sensual, flowing dress.
  • Create backstage and performance areas in your home by adjusting furniture, using light changes and decor that suits the theme. Make sure to have plenty of space for your dance routines. Set the mood with a performance soundtrack to accompany your activities, and consider the use of scarves or ribbons to evoke a sense of ballet in your private performance.
  • Familiarize yourselves with the story of the ballet performance, the lives of ballerinas, and scandals in the dance world to make your roleplay more immersive. Finally, remember the theatricality of it all and aim for dramatic, heightened emotions.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Do not limit yourselves strictly to the ballerina and aristocrat roles. Feel free to mold your characters to mimic the dynamic between yourselves that you find most exciting. The primary aim is to explore passion in a setting that's not your everyday. This may take multiple attempts to fully realize.
  • Although this role play is sexually charged, don't rush to the climax. Allow your role play to simmer as you recreate glances across the theatre, discreet touches, and whispers. Makes use of different areas in your home to keep the scenario fresh while maintaining continuity.
  • The ballet home tour does not necessarily mean your backdrop has to be full of props. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want and can afford. The emphasis here is on your creativity and debut your erotic ballet performance in front of your partner, leading them into the grand finale.

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