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The Prancing Dragon

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: $0

Engage in an enticing roleplay adventure where you delve into the shoes of Jackie Chan, the acclaimed martial arts star but with a unique floral twist. Perfect for those indoor days in October, when the weather in China is a little chilly and where staying indoors becomes not just a necessity, but a journey into a world where action and passion intertwines! A delightful experience for your partner who loves flowers.

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  • Begin the scenario in your living room, where both of you are watching a Jackie Chan movie marathon, sipping herbal tea, and wrapped cozily in a warm blanket. Make sure to pick movies that illustrate some of his famous moves, which will form the basis of your roleplay later on.
  • During the marathon, every time Jackie Chan does an incredible stunts, both of you laugh, nudge, and playfully practice the moves. But just as any other martial arts stunts, this should be done in a safer, comical and more exaggerated way. Let your fingers tap into your partner's ribs, pretending to be landing a ticklish punch, and brush their hair with a 'whoosh' just like Jackie Chan's quick reflexes in a fight.
  • In the end, you can organize a playful sword fight using stems of your partner's favorite flowers or even tall leaves of houseplants. Use the flowers as a lighthearted alternative to swords. The petals that swirl around as you spar adds a romantic ambiance to your playful duel. Win or lose, you both end up laughing and ensnared in a passionate, loving embrace.

Preparation steps:

  • Your preparation includes rearranging your living room into a makeshift cinema hall and martial arts studio. Ensure you have comfortable seating and a warm blanket. Watch a couple of Jackie Chan's movies online to get into the feel of stunts and moves. Prepare tea and snacks for the marathon.
  • You also need to prepare for the 'sword fight' part of the scenario by getting long-stemmed flowers or tall leaves of houseplants. Before you start the movie marathon, hide the flowers somewhere within reach, so you can surprise your partner when the time comes.
  • Before you start, create a playful, light-hearted atmosphere. You aren't mimicking Jackie Chan's stunts to become professional martial artists, but to have fun. Make sure your partner is aware of the silliness and fun ahead.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that the objective of this date is not to perfect martial arts stunts, but to enjoy each other's company and have fun. Make it abundantly clear that no one should get hurt during the roleplay; it's all about theatrics and laughter, rather than actual fighting.
  • Ensure the flowers or houseplants you're using in play are harmless and won't cause any allergies or injury. If you are using flowers, choosing your partner's favorite ones could add a touch of romantic element.
  • Engage in light teasing and flirtation throughout the scenario. The idea is to keep the atmosphere fun, romantic, and exciting rather than competitive. This exciting roleplay date is all about combining action and romance in a unique and intriguing experience.

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