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The New Neighbors' Welcome Fantasy

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

In this fantasy, the couple will play a game where one person is a long-time resident, and the other is the new neighbor who has just moved in. The 'resident' will take the role of being welcoming and helpful, but with a playful and seductive twist, taking the 'new neighbor' on a house tour that leads to unexpected, intimate encounters.

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  • Imagine yourself as a resident of a cozy, suburban neighborhood. You've always been friendly and helpful, and today, a new neighbor has arrived. You're intrigued and decide to give them a warm welcome. You bake a batch of cookies and head over to the new neighbor's home.
  • You knock on the door, cookies in hand. The new neighbor is attractive and exudes a certain vulnerability that you find very appealing. As the resident, you offer a tour of their new house, pointing out its 'unique features'. With each step, your touches and glances become more suggestive, leading to flirty banter.
  • The tour deliberately takes longer than expected, and you finally 'accidentally' get stuck in an intimate space – the new neighbor's bedroom. Allowing the submissive neighbor to invite you in, the welcoming act turns sensual as the housewarming becomes much more personal and physical.

Preparation steps:

  • Dress in character. The resident should wear comfortable, yet subtly seductive attire, perhaps a snug sweater and fitted jeans, while the new neighbor puts on something comfortable, as if they have been moving boxes all day.
  • The resident prepares a small welcoming gift, something homemade and sweet, like cookies or a pie, to start the interaction on a soft and communal note.
  • Set the stage by segmenting your home into different 'zones'. Each area represents a different part of the house they are touring, with the final destination being the bedroom. Maybe place moving boxes or decor to give it an authentic 'just moved in' feel.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to maintain the character play throughout the scenario. The resident should always exude a sense of control and dominance, guiding the new neighbor through the experience.
  • Use body language and eye contact to increase the intensity of the fantasy. Small touches and whispers can significantly enhance the nuance of the roleplay.
  • Consider setting up a safe word before starting the scenario. This ensures both partners feel comfortable and can fully immerse themselves in their roles.

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