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The Mysterious Intruder

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

This free indoor sexual roleplay scenario allows a couple to explore each other's bodies in a mysterious yet intense way. The cloudy, warm October weather adds an extra syrupy layer of mystique to the seduction.

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  • This sexual roleplay is all about a game of cat and mouse. One partner plays the role of a mysterious intruder who somehow finds his way into the house. The other plays the partner home alone who ultimately succumbs to the charms of the intruder. Let the 'intruder' enter the house and hide first, turning off all the lights and lighting aromatic candles around, adding to the mysterious allure.
  • The one playing the partner home alone enters the house and pretends to be startled by the presence of the mysterious intruder. Let the intruder 'take control' and lead the other person around the house. Let the scenario unfold in different rooms, with each spot in the house becoming a site of unfolding romance and seduction. The 'intruder' can whisper sweet nothings, yet audacious promises, sultry commands and flattering praise. Probe and explore in the soft candlelight until every corner of the house has been discovered.
  • Lastly, in the climax of the game, let the 'intruder' finally reveal their true identity. Make this reveal as slow and tantalizing as possible, removing pieces of your costume one by one until you stand revealed in your true avatar. Here, the setting plays a crucial role. Choose a comfortable spot that can hold the weight of the intense final act of this play.

Preparation steps:

  • The preparation for this sexual roleplay scenario is fairly simple, but requires careful attention to details. Since the setting is your own home, using what you already have is crucial. Make the house conducive for a mysterious tryst by dimming the lights and lighting aromatic candles. Create a path that the intruder can lead the lone person through, from the living room to the bedroom and so on.
  • Choose costumes that beautifully blend with the theme. Since we are incorporating an Indian setting, the intruder can dress up in a Sherwani or even a Pathani suit, while the one playing the house owner can dress in a sexy saree. Don't forget the accessories; a mask for the intruder is a must to maintain the allure of the mystery.
  • Last but not the least, prepare a playlist of sultry, romantic songs that can be played at a low volume throughout the roleplay. This is not only pleasing to the senses, but also helps in setting the right mood.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The secret to making this roleplay successful is the balance between mystery and familiarity. The intruder should remain mysterious but not distant. The homeowner should be startled but not terrified. The back and forth, the subtle power play and sharing control make this roleplay scenario intensely erotic.
  • Use your Voice: Speaking in deep, raspy whispers can heighten the intimacy. Let the intruder's commands and praise guide your journey towards mutual satisfaction.
  • Be Safe: As always, the safety and comfort of both partners should be a priority. Set safe words and always respect each other's boundaries and restrictions.

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