The Maid's Private Audience

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $50-$100

In this provocative scenario, a couple explores the dynamic of voyeurism and exhibitionism. The man embodies a wealthy businessman, while the woman takes on the role of a seductive maid. The couple invites two female friends to secretly participate as silent voyeurs, adding an extra thrill to their roleplay.

  • Dress in your respective roles; the man as a powerful and wealthy businessman enjoying a drink after a long day, and the woman as a sultry maid tasked with evening chores. The 'maid' should start by dusting and slowly moving around, catching the businessman's eye with her provocative cleaning techniques.
  • The maid begins to seduce her employer with sensual movements and suggestive glances. As the businessman, allow yourself to be drawn in by the maid's allure. Engage in flirtatious back-and-forth dialogue, building the sexual tension in the room.
  • Unbeknownst to the businessman, the two female 'guests' are secretly watching the seduction unfold from behind a partially opened door. The maid knowingly performs for the audience, increasing her teasing to entice both the businessman and the silent spectators.

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