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The Lavish Banquet Fantasy

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $200

Embrace the opulence of a royal feast where one partner, the regal admirer, provides an endless supply of decadent treats to the other, the cherished royal. An evening of pampering and indulgence, this roleplay will excite the senses and deepen intimacy through the act of feeding.

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  • Let your home become the royal palace for the night. The 'cherished royal' dresses in extravagant clothing, with a throne-like chair set in the dining area. Their every wish is at the command of the attentive 'regal admirer', who is at the ready to serve a variety of lavish treats and feed the royal by hand, amplifying the bond and intimacy between both.
  • As the evening unfolds, the 'regal admirer' constantly praises the 'cherished royal', focusing on their enjoyment and pleasure derived from the delicious morsels. The roleplay can include feeding each other slowly and sensually, where feeding becomes an act of worship and affection.
  • Throughout the scenario, the 'cherished royal' can playfully demand specific treats or express their delights and cravings. The 'regal admirer', eager to satisfy, caters to these desires, thus creating a dynamic of pampering and luxury, intermingled with tender moments of closeness and care.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare the dining space with a regal aesthetic, using luxurious table settings, rich fabrics, and candles to create a royal dining hall atmosphere. The table should be laden with a variety of favorite foods, both savory and sweet, to satisfy the 'cherished royal'.
  • Dress appropriately for the roles. The 'regal admirer' might wear a suit or period costume, while the 'cherished royal' should be adorned in their most luxurious and comfortable attire, accessorized with crowns or jewelry to emphasize their regal status.
  • Set the mood with background music fitting for a royal banquet to make the scenario more immersive. Use scents like vanilla or cinnamon in the form of scented candles or diffusers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Some tips:

  • Communicate clearly about your boundaries and signals to stop or take a break before starting the roleplay.
  • Emphasize the sensory play — focus on the textures, tastes, and aromas of the food to enhance the experience.
  • Playfully incorporating feeding utensils or even fingers can add variety and intimacy to the feeding process.

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