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The Keyholder's Game

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: Variable

Explore the tantalizing play of power and restraint with 'The Keyholder's Game,' a roleplay scenario that invites couples to delve into the realms of cuckoldry and chastity. It's a provocative adventure where the woman takes charge, holding the key of chastity that unlocks new levels of excitement in your relationship. The scenario is designed for a thrilling experience within the comforts of your home, laced with a touch of jealousy and erotic denial for an unforgettable night.

  • As the night falls, the Lady of the Manor prepares to entertain her esteemed guest, the gallant Duke. The unsuspecting Lord of the Manor is aware of the special visitor but little does he know about the game that is afoot. The Lady has been playing a delicate game of flirtation and tonight the Duke is set to believe he might finally conquer.
  • Earlier in the evening, the Lady had whispered secrets into her husband's ear, placing the cold chastity device upon him and locking it with a key that now dangles playfully around her neck. The thrill of helplessness surges through him as he watches his wife prepare herself for the evening, his twisted excitement growing with each brushstroke through her hair.
  • Wrapped in a facade of normality, the couple welcomes the Duke into their home. As the night unwinds, the Lord must play the friendly host while the tension silently simmers. The Lady, relishing her power, teases both men, her flirtations with the Duke both a torment and a tantalizing spectacle for her chaste husband.

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