The Hockey Player's Admirer date idea illustration

The Hockey Player's Admirer

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $300

Make the passion of the game come alive within you as you roleplay as a star hockey player and an ardent fan. This scenario takes place during a standard hockey game at UCLA, filled with the thrilling ambiance of cheering crowds, shiny ice rinks, and an undercurrent of adoration.

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  • Caden, the star hockey player, has always noticed one particular fan who is present at every game. He's intrigued by her passion for the sport and her enthusiasm. He finally gets the chance to meet her one night after a game. One thing leads to another and they end up alone in the locker room.
  • In the silence after the cheers and the game, the tension between them rises. There is a mix of admiration, lust, and unspoken desire that plays out as they interact.
  • The game might be over but a new one starts between them. Their roles solidify - he, the admired, talented player; she, the adoring, passionate fan. The confines of the locker room become their world, filled with the afterglow of the game and an electric atmosphere of anticipation and desire.

Preparation steps:

  • Caden, being a player, will need to don his hockey uniform. The partner should dress as a fan - University branded clothing or a jersey with Caden's number would be suitable. Creating genuine looking game statistics and memorabilia could enhance the roleplay.
  • The ambiance should resemble the aftergame scenario at a locker room. A private setting at home could be set up to mimic this with mood lighting, hockey gear strewn around, game day footage playing on a screen maybe, and a makeshift 'ice rink' effect using a blue floor cloth.
  • Creating a playlist of game themed music and the noise of cheering crowds in the background could also enrich the atmosphere.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Caden as the hockey player should tease out the fan's admiration for him. It's also imperative that he plays up his athletic prowess and good form, playing off the adrenaline from the game.
  • The fan should be unapologetically enthusiastic about the sport, Caden's talent and her desire for him. She can make use of props such as a 'game puck' to initiate contact or initiate a playful struggle.
  • Choose a safe word beforehand since this roleplay might involve a bit of power play. Always ensure consent and mutual comfort in the dynamic between the fan and the player.

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