The Gaziantep Bazaar Fantasy date idea illustration

The Gaziantep Bazaar Fantasy

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: 200$

In this roleplay scenario, you and your partner will assume the roles of locals at a bustling Gaziantep bazaar. The tantalizing blend of exotic scents, vibrant colours and traditional Turkish lifestyle provides the perfect setting for an enthralling and passionate roleplay

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  • You and your partner are locals at the buzzing Gaziantep bazaar. You, play the role of a charismatic rug merchant while your partner is a ‘Sevecen’, a word which in Turkish means ‘loving’, local resident who frequents the market. The initial encounters are platonic, filled with playful banter over rug prices, but over time, a flirtatious undercurrent develops, eventually escalating to secret trysts after the sunset market closing time.
  • With the lights dimmed low, the otherwise busy market takes on an entirely different, sensual personality. The fantasy theme is enriched by Gaziantep's unique atmosphere in November, where the air is crisp and the romance is in full bloom.
  • Involve the surrounding elements imaginatively in your roleplay. Use the rugs as props. The game is afoot when your partner tries to bargain for a rug, and you find flirtatious ways to negotiate.

Preparation steps:

  • To properly prepare for this roleplay, plan your visit to the bazaar. The bazaar is known for its textiles, spices, and dried fruits, each of which can offer a unique element to your scenario.
  • Consider purchasing some traditional Turkish attire for an authentic feel. For men, a 'sherwani' and for women, a 'Sexy adult Kaftan' could increase the realism of your roles. Additionally, get to know the types of rugs and their prices before your visit. It will make your role as a merchant more authentic.
  • You should also be aware of the operating hours, as some venues may close early during winter months.

You may need

Some tips:

  • If in the event you cannot visit an actual bazaar due to time or practicality constraints, consider setting up a small 'bazaar' at home. Use diverse textiles, cushions and dim lighting to recreate the atmosphere.
  • When bargaining, remember that the point of the haggling isn't just about getting the best price; it's a playful and flirtatious interaction. Use it to tease, challenge, and flirt with your partner.
  • Finally, remember to stay in character during the roleplay. This will enhance the fun and keep the scenario intriguing and immersive for both you and your partner.

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