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The Forbidden Love Affair

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $500

In this roleplay scenario, partners will explore a life where social norms and prejudices take a backseat, allowing love and attraction to reign supreme. It's a passionate yet touching narrative that unfolds between a girl and a refugee from Mali whom she encounters during her daily routine.

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  • London is the backdrop for this high-budget, outdoors romantic roleplay. The story begins at Kensington Gardens, where the girl first sees and is drawn towards the fascinating figure of the refugee from Mali, eventually leading to an unforgettable fantasy.
  • The Mali refugee is new to the city, and he is struggling to adapt to the new culture and city life. The girl gets to know him and is quickly enthralled by his stories, his perseverance, and his zest for life. Torn between her feelings for her boyfriend and the developing affection for this refugee, she decides to give the refugee an exquisite taste of pleasure, a night he will not forget.
  • The unpredictable November weather in London adds a thrilling edge to their secret escapade. From charming strolls through the streets of London to steamy encounters at secluded spots, the story transverses various socio-political dimensions, making it an intriguing and exhilarating experience.

Preparation steps:

  • To put an authentic spin on this story, a little research into Malian culture would help. The refugee character should dress in simple attire to portray a life in transition, while the girl dresses in her regular stylish London attire.
  • The girl character helps the refugee experience the city in ways he couldn't have imagined. From introducing him to delicious London street food to teaching him about local music, she is his tour guide in this chaotic city. So, plan out some activities to do as part of this.
  • It is November, and the weather could be unpredictable. Ensure that the clothes chosen are warm enough and raincoats are handy. Choose secluded spots for the intimate parts of the roleplay to maintain privacy and discretion.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Consent is key in this roleplay scenario. Make sure that both partners are comfortable with the storyline and the kinkiness level before you start. The thrill is in the secret and forbidden, not in actual cheating.
  • Develop the narrative at a comfortable pace and don’t rush things. The key is to feel the emotions and live the characters. For an immersive experience, try to incorporate as much authentic detail from Mali culture into the refugee's character.
  • While the plot revolves around a romantic liaison, it is equally important to pay attention to the social dynamics at play. This might just turn out to be a great way to learn and understand more about refugees and the struggles they endure.

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