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The Flirty Wife Home Visit

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

In this roleplay, the partners bring to life a spicy story set in a home environment while staying within their budget. Although this may start as a casual visit from a 'friend', it soon takes an enchanting twist as the wife, full of energy and allure, begins to flirt with her husband's 'good buddy'.

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  • Imagine this: the husband has gone away for the weekend, leaving the gorgeous, energetic wife at home. In strolls her husband's 'old friend', dropping by for a casual visit. She's glad for the company and decides to make the most of it. As the evening progresses, their conversation sparkles with underlying tension. She's flirty, vivacious and impossible to resist. The temptation is too much for the 'friend', and one thing leads to another...
  • Our man finds himself captivated by the vivacious woman, her energy, her zest, and her flirtatious attitude. He smiles, takes a deep breath and enters the game. The air is filled with playful banter, longing stares, and subtle touching. Things heat up, taking an unexpected but thrilling direction.
  • When the husband calls to check in, our 'friend' and the wife are tangled in a passionate embrace, completely immersed in each other. They hurriedly part, breathless and flushed, to control the situation. All they can do now is await the husband's next visit, their secret adding a deliciously dangerous spice to their relationship.

Preparation steps:

  • Since this is an indoor roleplay scenario, a clean and cozy living room is perfect. The woman could arrange to have some low-lit cozy areas, and some ambient music in the background to set the stage for a casual 'friends get-together'. She could have one or two 'husband belongings' placed where they can easily be reached, to add authenticity to the roleplay setup.
  • The man, as the 'friend', needs to come prepared to stay longer than the usual friendly visit, just in case things take a new turn. Also, he’s to carry along his cell phone for the 'husband’s call 'which is part of the plot.
  • Physical appearance and outfits also play a vital role. For the woman, a sexy but not overtly revealing outfit could create the right mood – think of a 'Sexy adult comfortable loungewear'. A good perfume that the 'friend' finds irresistible may also help raise the sexual tension.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Don't rush things and keep the pretend scenario going, relax and let that subtle tension build up – it’s the main element that will make this roleplay scenario exciting and real. The flirtatious interaction should start off as light and playful but gradually intensify.
  • The 'husband's call' is crucial to the plot line, it should add suspense and further stimulate your imagination about your secret. The husband's friend could perhaps be the one to answer the call, increasing the thrill.
  • Despite the friends wife role playing scenario, it is essential to remember that in the real world, such actions must be consensual, respecting all parties involved. This scenario is just a fantasy for the two of you to enjoy and explore your boundaries.

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